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Acco Brands, Inc. Benefits Summary For Executive Tax And Financial Advisory Assistance Program

This is an actual contract by Acco Brands.

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Exhibit 10.15 Benefit Summary for HR Managers
Executive Tax and Financial Advisory
Assistance Program

1. This " Summary" has been written to highlight the principal provisions of the ACCO Brands' Tax and Financial Advisory Assistance Program. The Program Documents on file in the Company' s office are the governing documents used to decide all matters concerning the Program. IF THERE ARE ANY DISCREPANCIES BETWEEN THE INFORMATION IN THIS SUMMARY AND THE PROGRAM DOCUMENTS, THE PROGRAM DOCUMENTS WILL PREVAIL.

2. Contact for HR Managers is Andrew Pfeifer (847/484 4434) Manager, Compensation

3. Benefit Description:

ACCO provides key executives (as described in Section 4 below) with reimbursement of up to $1,000 (pre-tax) per calendar year for receipt of tax and/or financial advisory assistance for themselves and their immediate family (e.g., spouse, children). Amounts may be pro-rated for newly hired or eligible executives or for executives who terminate their employment or otherwise bec
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