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Network Access Services Agreement

This is an actual contract between Siricomm and Affiliated Computer Services.

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Agreement Preview
Sectors: Computer Software and Services
Governing Law: Missouri, View Missouri State Laws
Effective Date: April 19, 2006
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This agreement is by and between SiriCOMM, Inc, a Delaware Corporation, hereinafter referred to as "SiriCOMM" or "Subcontractor", and ACS State and Local Services, Inc., an affiliate of Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, hereinafter "ACS". This agreement is made on this 19th day of April 2006.

WHEREAS ACS desires to obtain from SiriCOMM network access for the benefit of its HELP Inc. Contract for automated vehicle identification and weigh station bypass; and

WHEREAS SiriCOMM is willing and able to provide such access; NOW THEREFORE, the parties hereto covenant and agree as follows:


1.1. Availability means that the SiriCOMM network will be available for ACS
use 99.99% of the time.
1.2. Successful transmission wi11 be defined as the transmission and
receipt of data for every SiriCOMM Service authorized at that site
through that Router/Hub Port.
1.2. Successful transmission shall mean the movement of data from site
computer to the Tarrytown host.
1.3. Best Efforts shall mean a standard of performance that requires more
than a duty to attempt to act with diligence to fulfill an obligation,
but does not require a party to disregard its own interests.
1.4. A component is a piece of hardware or a piece of software used by
SiriCOMM to provide SiriCOMM Service under this agreement. Components
include remote server, satellite modem, 1.2 meter satellite antenna,
electronics, and mounting assembly; wireless access points and
bridges; uninterrupted power supply; and, various cabling as required
interconnecting components.
1.5. SiriCOMM Service shall mean all Services and the Network supplied
under this Agreement, including any individual Service.
1.6. The Network is the combination of all the Components utilized under
this agreement with which SiriCOMM provides Internet access and
private data or equivalent to private data network service.
1.7. A Router/Hub Port is a telecommunication path from the nearest
originating to the furthest ACS terminating Component containing
logical data streams.
1.8. Service means any features or functionality ordered by ACS from
SiriCOMM under this agreement, including but not limited to network
management services, billing services, installation services, and
maintenance services.
1.9. The term Installation shall mean the carrying out and completion of
all work, including procurement of components, site surveys,
scheduling, physical and logical connection of all components to the
Network to ensure that the Router/Hub port is fully integrated into
the SiriCOMM Services, testing, correction of any problems which cause
the Router/Hub Port not to meet

SiriCOMM Network Access Services Agreement 1 of 15 SiriCOMM Network Access Services Agreement SiriCOMM, Inc.

specifications, required to meet specifications in connection with a
site at which SiriCOMM Service is to be provided under this agreement.

2. GENERAL. During the term of this Agreement ACS shall use SiriCOMM as its
exclusive satellite-based network provider. Any data transmission or other
requirements of SiriCOMM to fulfill its obligation under this agreement
shall not in any way limit or otherwise interfere with the products and
services provided to ACS by SiriCOMM. The parties further agree that as
changes occur in the market conditions, the regulatory environment, and
business conditions warrant that they may collaborate to develop new
products, services, or improvements on existing offerings. 3. Any services offered beyond the services outlined in the section `service
description' at a PrePass site must have written approval from ACS and the
State if required.

4. Service Description.

The service includes:

- Satellite access and equipment
- Support for up 300 sites/computers
- Data storage space of the remote site server
- Data storage space on vendor site server
- Encryption key management - minimum triple - DES/128-bit
- Guaranteed File Delivery using Multicasting
- File Delivery Reporting
- Always on Connectivity
- Remote servicing

The network provider shall provide a secure, managed IP connection that is carried across the network of a single vendor from the remote site to the vendor's satellite hub. ACS shall have a private network providing communication with guaranteed file delivery.

The following subsections provide additional information on key elements and features of the proposed SiriCOMM solution.

Guaranteed Bandwidth - SiriCOMM will guarantee available bandwidth and prioritize ACS data files over InTouch user's requests as required for timely delivery of data files as described in the section Guaranteed File Delivery.

Guaranteed File Delivery - The satellite network shall deliver data to each site via multicasting. The satellite vendor shall deliver data to the ACS datacenter via the vendor's multicast satellite system. The system must ensure that all sites will receive authorized packages. SiriCOMM will provide confirmation of the package delivery to ACS. SiriCOMM will guarantee all packages will be delivered as long as there are no failures on the PC or host side.

SiriCOMM Network Access Services Agreement 2 of 15 SiriCOMM Network Access Services Agreement SiriCOMM, Inc.

The satellite transmission will be based upon the traffic data listed below. The upload speed must support retrieving data from all sites within an hour. The outbound traffic must support data delivery to each site within 3 hours.

Table 1 - Bandwidth and Traffic Data Table

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
File Direction MIN AVG MAX Frequency Window Notes
Type - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
TAG OUTBOUND 4MB 6MB 8MB Weekly Night Multicast
(3hrs) By State - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
DIFFs OUTBOUND 300KB 600KB 900KB Daily AM Multicast
(2hrs) By State - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
BEs INBOUND 10KB 200KB 300KB HR 10 Min Unicast - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

File Delivery Reporting

The vendor application shall provide a report that i includes the sending of delivery confirmations. The confirmations shall be tabulated and kept on the server for record purposes.

Shortened Delivery time of Files:

The vendor shall use multicast feature, and providing broadband capacity to guarantee the delivery of TAG and DIF files to each site in a collective window of 3 hours. The vendor shall FTP files from all the remote sites files within 1 hour.

"Always - On" Connectivity

The VSAT network shall allow each remote site to be consistently connected to the ACS Tarrytown Data Center. The data accumulated for the TRANS files, must be able to be sent immediately as individual transactions as required, unless SiriCOMM is conducting maintenance and/or other services to the network that require the network to be rendered unusable for a temporary period of time.

Remote Servicing

The vendors shall provide persistent connectivity to all remote sites, ACS shall be able to monitor remote PCs via the monitoring system SiriCOMM provides or similar application software, or allow browser-based applications. Furthermore, the VSAT platform must allow ACS to monitor and control its remote PCs via SNMP and trigger SNMP traps if required.

Network Monitoring and reporting

The vendor shall provide real-time monitoring of network and file transfer performance. Real-time monitoring can be web access to a monitoring tool or hourly reports of network performance.

SiriCOMM Network Access Services Agreement 3 of 15 SiriCOMM Network Access Services Agreement SiriCOMM, Inc.

The vendor shall monitor the network 24x7x365 and provide instance feedback to ACS stakeholders. Interrupts and outages must be reported to ACS using an escalation process agreed upon by each party with 30 minutes of any incident.

5. ACS CONNECTION TO THE NETWORK. ACS shall provide, at its own expense, the
telecommunications circuit for its connection to the public Internet to
deliver packets from AC S's Ethernet switch to the SiriCOMM Network.

6. ORDERS FOR SERVICE. Orders for SiriCOMM Service will be controlled by the
terms of this agreement. Orders for any Installation, Add, Move, Change or
Disconnect under this Agreement shall be provided to SiriCOMM solely by
ACS. Such orders shall include authorization allowing SiriCOMM to work with
any designated state facility where ACS deems appropriate. SiriCOMM shall
not accept orders for any Installation, Add, Move, Change or Disconnect or
any other Service under this agreement from any state facility directly.


7.1 A certified installation technician must professionally install the SiriCOMM equipment.

7.2 SiriCOMM will provide documentation for each site that contains hardware describing what is to be installed at each location. The hardware will include a 1.2-meter satellite antenna ("dish"), mounting hardware, satellite-modem ("RCST"), SiriCOMM's remote server ("RS") that connects to the ACS local site hub or directly to the PC, cables, and accessories. The dish will be able to withstand the wind load ratings of the individual State requirements. The RS will contain the necessary software to complete the connection between the SiriCOMM router, hub and the ACS hub, and/or PC and wireless access point(s).

7.3. SiriCOMM is responsible for all cost and scheduling associated with the installation by a third party. ACS and SiriCOMM will review the total installation cost for each site. ACS will review cost overruns with the vendor prior to installation. ACS wi11 pay all cost over and above the contractors"normal' cost not to exceed 10% of the `normal' installation cost. Normal cost is defined as all labor and material costs associated with the following:

a) Installing (1) dish on a roof or ground level platform
b) Installation of (1) RS site computer
c) Cabling from the satellite dish to the RS computer
d) Installing of the necessary power to support the dish and satellite
system (where needed)
e) Configuration and setup of RS computer
f) Aiming and pointing of satellite dish
g) Grounding of satellite dish and RS computer
h) Wireless access point(s)
i) Shipping and handling of all equipment

SiriCOMM Network Access Services Agreement 4 of 15 SiriCOMM Network Access Services Agreement SiriCOMM, Inc.

j) Travel, meals, communication charges

SiriCOMM may bill ACS no more that $200 per site if site installation is outside normal site cost as stated above.

7.4 SiriCOMM is responsible for all inside wiring repair necessary to install the service.

7.5 The installation is warranted for 12 months from the date of installation. Should the dish used to send and receive service go out of alignment, SiriCOMM is responsible for all costs and scheduling associated with the service call.

7.6 Any changes to, including "re-pointing" or "aiming", the dish and parts connect to the dish must be done by a certified SiriCOMM installer or technician.

7.7 SiriCOMM is responsible for the installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance of the RCST and RS at each site. Certified SiriCOMM technicians must perform any configuration changes or software upgrades.

7.8 SiriCOMM will comply with all state requirement of installation. If dish size is an issue, the state may require the use of a smaller version. If a smaller dish is used, ACS understands and agrees that SiriCOMM cannot guarantee service quality as described in section Gu
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