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Term Loan Note Dated September 3, 2008.

This is an actual contract by Alico.
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Exhibit 10.2


TERM LOAN NOTE $50,000,000.00

Arcadia, Florida September 3, 2008

Loan Number 075 085457846-06

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, ALICO, INC. , a FLORIDA CORPORATION (" BORROWER" ) PROMISES TO PAY TO THE ORDER OF FARM CREDIT OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA, ACA , FOR ITSELF AND AS AGENT/NOMINEE FOR OTHER LENDING INSTITUTIONS HAVING AN INTEREST, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, IN THIS TERM LOAN NOTE (THE " NOTE" ) AND ALL DOCUMENTS, INSTRUMENTS AND AGREEMENT PERTAINING THERETO, ITS SUCCESSORS AND/OR ASSIGNS (hereinafter called " Lender" ), at the office of Lender at 330 North Brevard Avenue, Arcadia, Florida 34266, or at such other place as the holder may designate in writing, on the Term Loan Maturity Date (as defined in the Amended and Restated Loan Agreement between Borrower, Guarantors named therein and Lender, dated May 26, 2006, as amended on August 30, 2007, on February 26, 2008, March 25, 2008, and on even date herewith (collectively, the " Loan Agreement" )) in immediately available funds the principal sum of Fifty Million and No/100 Dollars ($50,000,000.00). Lender is hereby irrevocably authorized by Borrower to record the amount outstanding from time to time of the Term Loan (as defined in the Loan Agreement) together with the applicable interest, and notations of payments of interest and/or principal received by Lender in respect thereof, which recordation shall, in the absence of manifest error, be conclusive. Any Event of Default under the Loan Agreement is an event of default under the terms of this Note. Except as expressly provided herein, all terms used in this Note shall have the same meaning as used in the Loan Agreement.

Interest . The principal amount hereof from time to time outstanding and unpaid shall bear interest from and including the date hereof until payment thereof in full. Subject to provisions set forth herein for the increase in the applicable inter
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