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Labor Contract

This is an actual contract by Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company.

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Agreement Preview
Sectors: Biotechnology / Pharmaceuticals
Effective Date: December 30, 2009
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Labor Contract


30th, December, 2009

Party A ? Employer ? :


Hebei Aoxing Group Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Legal Representative: Zhenjiang.Yue

Address: No.1 Nanhuan Eastern Road, Xinle City,Hebei Province Party B (Employee): Guoan Zhang

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 12th, April, 1970

ID Card No.:230830197004121616

Domicile: Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang


Address:Room 502, Unit2, Block 2,No.293 Zhaiying Street, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang

The contract is hereby concluded by both parties in accordance with Labor Law of the People's Republic of China , Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China , and Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on Labor Contract , in the principles of fairness, legitimacy, equality, voluntariness, consensus through negotiation and good faith.

1. Contract Term

Article 1 ? Party A and Party B signs a fixed-term labor contract. The contract lasts for _4__ year(s), from 2010 to 2013 The probation is ____ month(s), from ________ to ________;

? Party A and Party B signs a non-fixed term labor contract, which starts from ________ and ends till the occurrence of a statutory termination condition; or

? Party A and Party B signs a task-oriented labor contract, which starts from ________ and ends at the task completion date agreed by both parties.

2. Job Responsibilities

Article 2 Party A employs Party B to engage in __CFO______ .
Article 3 The workplace is ___Xinle_____ , which can be changed on the basis of mutual agreement as per Party A's business requirements.
Article 4 Party B shall fulfill his job in a high-quality, quantitative and time-efficient manner and abide by all the company rules.
Article 5 Party A may adjust Party B's job or appoint Party B to do another job temporarily by virtue of its business requirements as well as Party B's competence and performance. Party B shall agree and cooperate with Party A.

3. Working Hours & Rest Hours

Article 6 Both parties agree Party B's working hours are specified as follows (normal working hours: 8:00 ? 12: 00, 13:00 ? 17: 00; lunch time: 12:00 ? 13: 00.) (Please choose):

? Standard working hours system, i.e. ___8_ hour(s)/day, _5___ day(s)/week;

? Non-fixed working hours system approved by the labor and social security department; or

? Cumulative working hours system approved by the labor and social security department and the calculation period is ____.

4. Labor Remuneration

Article 7 Party A shall pay off salary to Party B in currency on the 28th of every month. The pay period is from the 21st this month to the 20th next month. Party B works before paid.
Article 8 Party B's normal basic salary is __RMB150,000______ annually, which can be adjusted as per the company's operation and Party B's performance.
Article 9 Party A will deduct Party B's social insurance premium and individual income tax from his or her salary.
Article 10 Party B's labor remuneration will be adjusted as per Party B's competence and job requirements on the basis of consensus in case Party A adjust Party B's job.

5. Social Welfare& Benefits

Article 11

According to the State's related rules, Party A will pay social insurance in urban area (i.e. pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance and housing fund) for Party B whose household registration is non- rural family. And Party A will deduct Party B's part from his or her salary; When the labor contract is terminated by both parties, Party A will handle the related procedures for Party B's soci
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