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Executive Severance Plan Dated 4/27/83

This is an actual contract by Bank Of Hawaii.

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Sectors: Banking
Effective Date: April 27, 1983
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Exhibit 10.4


l. Purpose. The purpose of this Plan, which takes effect as of April 27, 1983, is to assure Bancorp Hawaii, Inc. ("Bancorp") that it will have the continued dedication of, and the availability of objective advice and counsel from, key executives of Bancorp and its subsidiary, Bank of Hawaii, notwithstanding the possibility or occurrence of a bid to take over control of Bancorp. In the event that Bancorp receives any such bids, the Board of Directors believes it imperative that Bancorp and its shareholders be able to rely upon such key executives to continue in their positions so that business will be unaffected and such key executives will be available to advise, if asked, as to whether such bids would be in the best interests of Bancorp and its shareholders, and to take such actions as the Board might deem appropriate, without concern that those individuals might be distracted by the personal uncertainties and risks created by such a bid.

2. Plan Participants. Participants under this Plan shall consist of those executives of Bancorp and its subsidiary, Bank of Hawaii (the "Bank"), who are from time to time designated by the Board of Directors (acting on the advice of the Compensation Committee of the Board) as "key executives" to be included within this Plan. A Participant whom the Board determines has ceased to be a "key executive" for purposes of this Plan shall cease to be a Participant in the Plan when notified in writing by the Board of such determination; provided, however, a determination that a Participant has ceased to be such a key executive may not be made, and if made shall have no effect, (i) during any period of time when Bancorp has knowledge that any third party has taken steps reasonably calculated to effect a Change of Control (as defined herein) until, in the opinion of the Board, such third party has abandoned or terminated its efforts to effect a change of
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