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The purpose of this 1996 Stock Option Plan (the "Plan") is to provide incentives and rewards to selected eligible directors, officers, employees and consultants of Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Inc. (the "Company") or its subsidiaries in order to assist the Company and its subsidiaries in attracting, retaining and motivating those persons by providing for or increasing the proprietary interests of those persons in the Company, and by associating their interests in the Company with those of the Company's shareholders.


The Plan shall be administered by the Board of Directors of the Company (the "Board"), or a committee of the Board (the "Committee") consisting of two or more directors, at least two of whom shall be both a "Non-Employee Directors," as that term is defined in Rule 16b-3(b) of the Rules and Regulations (the "Rules") of the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, an "outside director" for purposes of Section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code") and the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service adopted thereunder, as such Rules and such Section and regulations may from time to time be amended or interpreted. Members of the Committee, if any, shall serve at the pleasure of the Board. If administration is delegated to the Committee, the Committee shall have, in connection with the administration of the Plan, the powers theretofore possessed by the Board (and references in this Plan to the Board shall thereafter be to the Committee), subject, however, to such resolutions, not inconsistent with the provisions of the Plan as may be adopted from time to time by the Board.

The Board shall have all the powers vested in it by the terms of the Plan, including exclusive authority (i) to select from among eligible directors, officers, employees and consultants, those persons to be granted "Awards" (as defined below) under the Plan; (ii) to determine the type, size and terms of individual Awards (which need not be identical) to be made to each person selected; (iii) to determine the time when Awards will be granted and to establish objectives and conditions (including, without limitation, vesting and performance conditions), if any, for earning Awards; (iv) to amend the terms or conditions of any outstanding Award, subject to applicable legal restrictions and to the consent of the other party to such Award; (v) to determine the duration and purpose of leaves of absences which may be granted to holders of Awards without constituting termination of their employment for purposes of their Awards; (vi) to authorize any person to execute, on behalf of the Company, any instrument required to carry out the purposes of the Plan; and (vii) to make any and all other determinations which it determines to be necessary or advisable in the administration of the Plan. The Board shall have full power and authority to administer and interpret the Plan and to adopt, amend and revoke such rules, regulations, agreements, guidelines and instruments for the administration of the Plan and for the conduct of its business as the Board deems necessary or advisable. The Board's interpretation of the Plan, and all actions taken and determinations made by the Board pursuant to the powers vested in it hereunder, shall be conclusive and binding on all parties concerned, including the Company, its shareholders, any participants in the Plan and any other employee of the Company or any of its subsidiaries.


Any person who is a director, officer, employee or consultant of the Company, or any of its subsidiaries (a "Participant"), shall be eligible to be considered for the grant of Awards under the Plan.


(a) Common Stock and Derivative Security Awards. Awards authorized under the Plan shall consist of any type of arrangement with a Participant that is not inconsistent with the provisions of the Plan and that, by its terms, involves or might involve or be made with reference to the issuance of (i) shares of the Common Stock, $.001 par value per share, of the Company (the "Common Stock") or (ii) a "derivative security" (as that term is defined in Rule 16a-1(c) of the Rules, as the same may be amended from time to time) with an exercise or conversion price related to the Common Stock or with a value derived from the value of the Common Stock.

(b) Types of Awards. Awards are not restricted to any specified form or structure and may include, but need not be limited to, sales, bonuses and other transfers of stock, restricted stock, stock options, reload stock options, stock purchase warrants, other rights to acquire stock or securities convertible into or redeemable for stock, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock, dividend equivalents, performance units or performance shares, or any other type of Award which the Board shall determine is consistent with the objectives and limitations of the Plan. An Award may consist of one such security or benefit, or two or more of them in tandem or in the alternative.

(c) Consideration. Common Stock may be issued pursuant to an Award for any lawful consideration as determined by the Board, including, without limitation, a cash payment, services rendered, or the cancellation of indebtedness.

(d) Guidelines. The Board may adopt, amend or revoke from time to time written policies implementing the Plan. Such policies may include, but need not be limited to, the type, size and term of Awards to be made
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