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Commercial Lease

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Sectors: Media
Effective Date: July 10, 1995
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THIS LEASE is made in duplicate on the day of 1994

at in the State of New South Wales.


of 17 The Corso, Manly LANDLORD

whose agent is Not applicable AGENT

(Name and business address)

AND [Deleted] TENANT

(Name and address)

PETER DODDS of 10/51 Dee Why Parade, Dee Why

and SIMON VAN WYK of 9A Whistler Street, Manly

PREMISES The Landlord leases the Premises known as 1st Floor Offices above

the building located at 17 The Corso, Manly and having its entrance

from Market Lane

including all fixtures listed in the inventory which is signed by

all parties and attached as part of this lease.

USE The Premises shall be used only as an office to operate a multi

media development studio and related business

RENT The rent shall be two thousand six hundred dollars $2,600.00 per

month commencing on the 11th day of July, 1994 and payable in

advance by the Tenant on the 11th day of every month to the

Landlord at his above address or at any other reasonable place as

he notifies in writing.

TERM The term of the lease shall be one year

commencing on the 11th day of July, 1994

and ending on the 10th day of July, 1995

OPTION Subject to Condition 32 of this lease the Landlord offers a renewal

of this lease for a further term of 2 years.

HOLDING Unless either party gives the other written notice at least one OVER month before the end of the term that vacant possession shall be

given on that day, the lease shall continue as a periodic lease

from month to month at the same rent or at a rent which both

parties agree to.





INSURANCE The amount of cover for public liability referred to in Condition

4(b) is $5,000,000.00

CONDITIONS The parties agree to the conditions set out above and on the

following pages and also to those conditions implied by Sections 84

and 85 of the Conveyancing Act, 1919, which are not expressly

negatived or modified by this lease.

It is advisable for the Tenant to insure his own property and

insure against his liability for public risk as the occupier.


Possession 1. To give possession of the Premises to the Tenant on the day on Condition which the term of the lease commences. of Premises 2. To ensure that the Premises are in a reasonably fit condition Security for use at the commencement of the lease. Insurance 3. To ensure that the external doors and windows contain locks and

catches in working order at the commencement of the lease.

4. (a) To insure the Premises against damage arising from fire,

lightning and explosion and other hazards, (including

earthquake, storm and tempest, water damage, explosion,

impact, aircraft, not s/civil commotions and malicious


(b) To insure for public liability covering all sums which he

shall become legally liable to pay as owner and Landlord

for a minimum amount as noted on the front page of this

Use of 5. To allow the Tenant to use and occupy the Premises without Premises unreasonable interference by the Landlord or his agent. Rates and 6. To pay council, water and sewage rates and land tax promptly. Taxes 7. To provide the Tenant with a stamped copy of the lease signed Lease Copy by both parties as soon as practicable. Receipts 8. To issue rent receipts showing the Tenant's name, the address

of the Premises, the amount received, the date of payment and

the period for which the payment was made.


Rent 9. To pay the rent promptly and in advance. Consents 10. To obtain at his own expense all necessary consents that may be for Use required from municipal or shire or other authorities to carry Charges on his proposed business at the Premises (being the use for

which the Premises are leased).

11. To pay all charges for gas, electricity and telephone and any

excess water, garbage or sanitary charges, relating to the

Tenant's use of the Premises. Care of 12. To take care of the Premises and to keep them in a clean Premises condition, and in particular:

(a) To make no alterations or additions to the Premises,

including the erection of any sign or antenna, without the

written consent of the Landlord.

(b) To do no decorating that involves marking, defacing or

painting any part of the Premises, without the written

consent of the Landlord.

(c) To put nothing down any sink, toilet or drain likely to

cause obstruction or damage.

(d) To keep no animals or birds on the Premises, without the

written consent of the Landlord.

(e) To ensure that rubbish is not accumulated on the Premises

and to cause all trade refuse to be removed regularly in a

manner acceptable to the Landlord.

(f) To ensure that nothing is done that might prejudice any

insurance which the Landlord has in relation to the

(g) To notify the Landlord promptly of any loss, damage or

defect in the Premises. Use and (h) To notify the Landlord promptly of any infectious disease, Occupation or the presence of rats, cockroaches or similar pests.

13. Not to sleep or permit anyone to sleep on the Premises nor

to hold or permit to be held any sale by auction on the Rules and Premises. Regulations 14. To ensure that he, his employees, licensees and agents observe,

obey and perform the Rules and Regulations forming part of this

lease and such further Rules and Regulations as the Landlord

may from time to time make and communicate to the tenant (not

being inconsistent with this lease) for the safety, care and

cleanliness of the Premises and of the building. Insurance 15. (a) To do nothing in the building or keep anything therein that

would increase the insurance premium payable by the

Landlord on the building except with the written consent of

the Landlord.

(b) To do nothing which would make any Insurance Policy void.

(c) To insure all plate glass.

(d) To pay all insurance premiums increased as a result of his

Indemnity 16. (a) To compensate and meet all claims of

(i) the Landlord for the loss of or damage to part or

whole of the Premises;

(ii) any person for the loss of or damage to his personal

property; and

(iii) any person for personal injury or death as a result

of any accident or neglect or a deliberate or

careless act on the Premises or a breach of any

condition of the lease by the Tenant, his employees

or agents or any person present on the Premises with

the consent of the Tenant, his employees or agents.

(b) In these circumstances the Tenant shall meet all claims

whether they are made directly against him or against the

Landlord. Any resultant repairs to the Premises or to any

other parts of the building shall be carried out at the

expense of the Tenant by a builder approved by the

(Delete Condition 17 or 18 as applicable) Rates, 17. [Deleted] Taxes and 18. [Deleted] Insurance Premiums


Unforeseen 19. If something happens to the Premises so that the whole or a Event substantial part can no longer be occupied, and the parties are

in no way responsible, then either party shall have the right

to terminate the lease, provided written notice is given within

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