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Crude Oil Supply Contract

This is an actual contract by Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P..

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Exhibit 10.6 CRUDE SALES CONTRACT This contract by and between Plains Marketing, L.P. (" Plains" ) with an address of 333 Clay Street, Suite 1600, Houston, TX 77002 and Calumet Shreveport Fuels, LLC (" Calumet Shreveport" ) with an address of 3333 Midway Avenue, Shreveport, La 71109, covering the sale and delivery by Plains and the purchase and receipt by Calumet Shreveport of the hereinafter specified oil is entered into in accordance with the following terms and conditions: CONTRACT NO. 5689-1006 1. TERM: Effective March 1,2005 to February 29,2008, or three years from completion date of Plains P/L LP facilities (which ever is later) and continuing month to month thereafter until terminated by either party hereto upon not less than ninety (180) days advance written notice to the other party. 2. QUALITY: 1) East Texas Common crude oil and condensate. 2) North Louisiana Sweet crude oil and condensate.
3) North Louisiana Sour. 3. QUANTITY: Approximately 19,200 barrels per day. Anticipated volumes are 4,500 bopd of condensate, 1,000 North Louisiana Sour, and remaining volume is East Texas Common and North Louisiana Sweet. 4. DELIVERY: Shall be made into the following designated facilities or equipment by prior written agreement: 1) Into trucks designated by Calumet Shreveport, at Plains P/L Gas Center Station Shreveport, La 2) Calumet Shreveport Refinery located in Shreveport, La via Plains designated trucks. Or 1) Calumet Shreveport Refinery located at Shreveport, La via Plains PIE. L. P. 2) Caluniet Shreveport Refinery located in Shreveport, La via Plains designated trucks. 5. PRICE: For the crude oil sold and delivered hereunder, Calumet Shreveport agrees to pay Plains a price per barrel equal to Plains' West Texas Intermediate (All Other Areas) crude oil posting, deemed 40.0b0 API gravity based on equal daily quantities plus Platt' s average P-Plus for the trading month of delivery (excluding weekends and U. S. Holidays) plus a location differential of:

1) Plains P/E. Gas Center Facility Crude/Condensate to Calumet Shreveport designated trucks at Gas Center 8.45 per barrel Crude/Condensate to Shreveport Refinery via Truck 80.15 per barrel
North Louisiana Sour to Shreveport Refinery via Truck less $1.25 per barrel 2) Plains Pipeline connection into the Shreveport Refinery Crude/Condensate to the Shreveport Refinery via Plains P/L Year 1 $0.98, Year 2 $0.80, Year 3 $0.80
Crude/Condensate to Shreveport Refinery via Truck $0.15 per barrel North Louisiana Sour to Shreveport Refinery via Truck less $1.25 per barrel These G&H numbers are based on the current East Texas market. If this market changes substantially from historic levels then Plains reserves the right to renegotiate the price to maintain supply. Should Calumet and Plains not be able to agree to a renegotiated price the thruput agreement shall be reduced by the volume lost. 6. Thruput commitment Minimum of 12,000 b/d take or pay (rate is $0.25) to be received from Plains Pit at Gas Center Station or via plains Pit delivered to Shreveport refinery. Settlement to be annual. The Pit maximum capacity at this point in time is 15,000 b/d. Calumet to provide and maintain the Lact unit from Plains PIE, into the Shreveport Refinery if this option is done. 7. Plains reserves the right to enter a B/S agreement on portion of the overall supply, contingent on reaching an acceptable net-out agreement. Maximum volume will be limited to 7,000 b/d. Should Calumet/Shreveport be required to post letter of credit to a third party to supply barrels to Plains for this obligation. The Letter of Credit described in paragraph 8 below shall be reduced by an equal volume of barrels. 8. PAYMENT: Until further arrangements for payment or credit are mutually agreed to, Calumet Shreveport agrees to pay Plains: 1) Weekly Estimated Settlements: On or before close of business each Wednesday during the term of this agreement, Calumet will wire transfer funds to Plains for all net barrels metered and sold to Calumet Shreveport during the previous Wednesday through Tuesday. The amount per barrel to be paid in the weekly estimated settlement shall be the Plains' West Texas Intermediate (All Other Areas) month-to-date average crude oil posti
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