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Form of Post-termination Consulting Agreement

This is an actual contract by Central Garden & Pet.
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Exhibit 10.2


This Agreement is made this day of , 20 (the " Effective Date" ) by and between Central Garden & Pet Company and/or any of its wholly owned subsidiaries (collectively called " the Company" ) and , (the " Executive" ).

Executive recognizes that in his capacity as a key executive with the Company he provides unique services that will be exceedingly difficult to replace after termination of his employment

Executive recognizes that the Company desires continued access to Executive' s unique services, knowledge and a reasonable transition after the termination of Executive' s employment

Executive recognizes that he has been provided adequate consideration for entering into this Consulting Agreement.

THEREFORE, in consideration for the Executive Employment Agreement and the additional consideration provided herein, Executive and the Company agree to the following:

1. Consulting Services . Executive will provide continuing strategic advice and counsel related to the business issues and projects Executive was involved in while employed by the Company (" Consulting Services" ) Executive will be available to provide approximately hours of such Consulting Services per month in a manner that will not unduly interfere with any other employment Executive' s may then have.

2. Term of Agreement . Executive will provide Consulting Services effective upon termination of Executive' s employment with the Company and continuing thereafter for a period of months. (" Term of Agreement" )

3. Compensation . In addition to the consideration provided by the Executive Employment Agreement mentioned above, Executive shall be paid dollars per month during the Term of Agreement (" Consulting Fee" ). This Consulting Fee will be adjusted upward by three percent (3%) annually on the anniversary of this Agreement.

4. Expenses . Executive will be reimbursed by the Company for all expenses necessarily inc
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