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Consulting Agreement

This is an actual contract by Cheniere Energy.
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Sectors: Energy
Governing Law: Delaware, View Delaware State Laws
Effective Date: July 03, 1996
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CONSULTING AGREEMENT (this "Agreement"), made as of the 3rd day of July, 1996, by and between CHENIERE ENERGY, INC. (f/k/a BEXY Communications, Inc.), a Delaware corporation (the "Company"), and BUDDY YOUNG, an individual ("Consultant").

W I T N E S S E T H:

WHEREAS, Consultant is experienced in the management and operation of a public companies; and

WHEREAS, the Company desires to engage the Consultant to provide management of the Company with certain advice regarding the management and business of the Company, upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth below.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties hereby agree as follows:


The Company hereby agrees to retain Consultant as a consultant to the management of the Company and Consultant hereby accepts and agrees to serve in such capacity, for a period of two (2) years commencing as of the date hereof unless sooner terminated as herein provided (the "Term").


(a) Consultant shall make himself available for consultation with the management of the Company concerning the business and operation of the Company and shall agree to provide consultation and advice with respect to such other matters as the Company may request. Such services shall be performed by Consultant only after the Company has made a specific request therefor.

(b) Consultant may perform his duties hereunder by use of telephone, telefax or other means of telecommunication. Consultant shall not be required to maintain a physical presence at the Company's offices, but shall be required to use his reasonable best efforts to attend meetings of the Board of Directors of the Company in person or by telephone and upon reasonable prior notice.


(a) For and in consideration of and in full payment for the services to be rendered by Consultant to the Company during the Term, the Company agrees to pay Consultant a consulting fee of $75,000 per annum payable in monthly installments on the first day of each month during the Term or in such other installments as the parties may mutually agree upon.

(b) The Company shall reimburse Consultant for its his reasonable expenses incurred in connection with performance of its duties hereunder, including, but not limited to, expenses related to travel, lodging and meals under Section 2(b) above, promptly after receipt of backup invoices and receipts therefor; provided, however, that Consultant shall not incur any expenses
-------- ------- relating to the performance of its duties hereunder without obtaining the prior written approval of the Company.


(a) It is understood and agreed that Consultant is, and shall at all times during the Term be deemed to be a
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