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Consultant Contract For Project Promotion Dated As of June 17, 2007 BY And Among The Company And Fuj

This is an actual contract by China Expert Technology,.
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Exhibit 10.63

Consultant Contract

for Project Promotion

Signing Date: June 17, 2007

Signing Place: Longyan City of Fujian Province

Party A:



ZHU Xiaoxin

Party B:




In order to speed up the development and promotion of Party A' s e-government construction projects in Fujian district and to enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of Party A' s e-government contract business, Party A hereby appoints Party B as project consultant. Based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit and upon friendly negotiation, Party A and Party B reached the following terms and conditions:


Party A agrees to appoint Party B as the project consultant for Party A so that Party B will provide series of services to assist Party A in promoting Party A' s e-government construction project in the Fujian District of China.


It is hereby confirmed by both parties that upon Party B agreeing to perform the above mentioned services, Party A agrees to pay the consultant fee to Party B, particulars of which are set out as follows:


Amount of the Consultant Fee :
Party A shall pay Party B a consultant fee equals to 5% of the total contract sum (excluding the cost of Hardware Platform purchased on behalf of the project owner) signed by Party A. Party A shall have the right to make absolute decision in calculating the amount of the consultant fee whereas Party B shall have no right to object to such calculation.


Payment Method :
Party A shall pay the consultant fee by way of common stock of its parent company China Expert Technology Inc. (OCTBB trade symbol: CXTI). Both Party A and Party B agree that the common stock will be issued to a person designated by Party B.


Calculation of Valuation of the Common Stock :
The common stock to be issued is determined by utilizing an average of the daily market closing price of CXTI' s common stock for the 10 trading days prior to the signature date of a main contract of any e-government projects sourced by Party A.


Time of Payment :
Party A shall pay Party B the consultant fee within 10 business days after Party A has successfully signed a main contract with the local government sourced by Party B.


Remarks :
Upon completion of the first phase of the e-government project under the main contract signed between Party A and the local government sourced by Party B, Party A shall have the right to construct any further phases of the same e-government project or make any other construction contracts with the same local government for the constructions of other projects without the consent of Party B and/or without the need to pay any further commission to Party B.


Rights and obligations of Party A and Party B

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