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Ex 10.17 Form of Franchise Agreement

This is an actual contract by Tsingda Eedu.

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Exhibit 10.17

[English Translated Version]

Agreement on Tsingda Learning Center

Service Center

Details of cooperation

Clause 1.

If Party A after his launch of products under this Agreement has intention to choose Party B as his marketing promotion partner, another written agreement shall be made by and between both the Parties.

Period of Cooperation and Region of Franchise

Clause 2.

(referred to hereinafter as Party B), as the service center chosen by Party A shall have the qualification and capacity to promote Tsingda Learning Center . Both Parties shall cooperate for a period of twelve (12) months which begins at the date of and ends by the date of . Party B shall have franchise over the region of , wherein he is responsible for marketing of Tsingda Learning Center as the exclusive service center authorized by Party A.

Rights and Obligations of Party A

Clause 3.

Party A shall have the right to restructure his product portfolio at any time according to his understanding of market situations.

Clause 4.

Party A shall be responsible for developing the general market development plan of product under this Agreement, and may assist Party B in market exploration in the local region of Party B.

Clause 5.

Party A may disclose to Party B the information about clients and channels hereunder which is in the possession of Party A; and market promotion achieved by Party B on basis of the aforesaid information shall be deemed as sales performance of Party B.

Rights and Obligations of Party B

Clause 6.

Party B shall, in accordance with the requirements given by Party A, register a company with corporate capacity which is operated in strict compliance with provisions hereof, and the same Party shall not render service of internet bar service in case of absence of an internet bar operation license. Party B shall, within two (2) mothers after the conclusion of this Agreement, go through the formalities of operation at the Administration for Industry and Commerce in his locality and open on his own expenses a concrete shop of Tsingda Learning Center as required by Party A which is of uniformed storefront and decoration as proposed by Party A.

Clause 7.

Party B shall take active measures for operations in authorized region in accordance with this Agreement and open within one year concrete Tsingda Learning Center shops in number which is


Three (3) minimally for an agent at county level;


Six (6) minimally for an agent at prefectural city level;


Eight (8) minimally for an agent in a provincial capital city; or


Fifty (50) minimally for an agent at province level;

Clause 8.

Party B shall have the right to formulate his marketing promotion policies on conditions of his strict compliance with this Agreement and his execution of the said policies shall be based upon Party A' s notification in written form of and confirmation of the same.

Clause 9.

Party B shall be fully responsible for the marketing in his franchise region and may be assisted by Party A in terms of marketing
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