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Strategic Alliance Agreement

This is an actual contract by Cumberland Pharmaceuticals.
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EXHIBIT 10.8 *Certain portions of this exhibit have been omitted pursuant to a request for confidential
treatment which has been filed separately with the SEC. STRATEGIC ALLIANCE AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into as of the 21st day of July, 2000. BY AND BETWEEN: CUMBERLAND PHARMACEUTICALS INC., a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Tennessee, with its principal offices located at 209 Tenth Avenue South, Suite 332, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203 (hereinafter referred to as " CUMBERLAND" ) AND: F.H. FAULDING & CO. LIMITED (ABN 88 007 870 984), a corporation organized under the laws of South Australia, with its principal place of business located at 115 Sheriff Street, Underdale, South Australia 5032 (hereinafter referred to as " FAULDING" ); WHEREAS , CUMBERLAND is the owner of intellectual property rights, formulations and know- how related to intravenous formulations of a certain pharmaceutical product set forth in Schedule I; WHEREAS , FAULDING has the expertise and the manufacturing facility suitable for the pharmaceutical preparation and production of the Drug Product; WHEREAS , CUMBERLAND wishes to have FAULDING manufacture the Drug Product and FAULDING wishes to supply the Drug Product to CUMBERLAND; WHEREAS , CUMBERLAND will appoint FAULDING as its preferred manufacturer for CUMBERLAND' s products; WHEREAS , FAULDING and CUMBERLAND will explore opportunities to collaborate on the manufacture and distribution of other pharmaceutical products of CUMBERLAND; NOW, THEREFORE , in consideration of the premises and the undertakings, terms, conditions and covenants set forth below, the parties hereto agree as follows: 1. DEFINITIONS 1.1 BUFFER SOLUTION shall mean the buffer solution selected by CUMBERLAND for the manufacture of the Drug Product. 1.2 BULK DRUG SUBSTANCE shall mean the active ingredients in the Drug Product.

1.3 cGMP or GMP shall have the meaning set forth in Schedule I. 1.4 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION shall have the meaning set forth in Paragraph 9. 1.5 DEVELOPMENT shall mean all work necessary to develop a process to manufacture the Drug Product in full accord with cGMP and to supply the Drug Product conforming to the Specifications. Development activities shall include, but not be limited to, pilot batches, scale- up batches, validation of the manufacturing process, and successful completion of the Drug Product manufacture and delivery as defined in Schedule I attached hereto. 1.6 DRUG PRODUCT shall mean the Ibuprofen for injection pharmaceutical product developed by Cumberland and marketed under the trade name AMELIOR99. 1.7 EXCIPIENT shall mean any inert substance selected by CUMBERLAND and used to give the Drug Product proper consistency. 1.8 FDA shall mean the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 1.9 IN-PROCESS SOLUTION shall mean all Buffer Solutions and Excipients needed to produce Drug Product in the finished dosage form set forth in Schedule I. 1.10 INVENTION shall have the meaning set forth in Paragraph 9.4. 1.11 LABELING shall mean all labels and other written, printed, or graphic matter upon: (i) the Drug Product or any container or wrapper utilized with the Drug Product or (ii) any written material accompanying the Drug Product, including without limitation, package inserts. 1.12 MANUAL shall mean the Manufacturing Project Manual attached as Schedule II to this Agreement and reviewed and accepted by CUMBERLAND and FAULDING, the terms and provisions of which are incorporated by reference as though fully set forth herein. 1.13 SPECIFICATIONS shall mean those specifications set forth in Attachment I to the Manual. 2. DEVELOPMENT AND MANUFACTURING 2.1 Initiation: Upon request by CUMBERLAND, FAULDING shall proceed with the schedule for completing Development of the Drug Product. Upon request by CUMBERLAND, FAULDING shall manufacture the Drug Product in the batch size set forth in Schedule I in accordance with the terms hereof, the Specifications, and all applicable laws and regulations. Prior to distributing and selling the Drug Product, CUMBERLAND shall prepare and file submissions to the FDA in order to obtain and maintain during the term hereof regulatory approval of the Drug Product. FAULDING shall prepare and test the Drug Product in accordance with cGMP.


2.2 Processing and Manufacturing: FAULDING shall manufacture and package the Drug Product in accordance with Schedules I and II hereto. 2.3 Documentation: Subject to CUMBERLAND' s prior consent pursuant to Paragraph 5.5 hereof to reimburse FAULDING for all out-of-pocket expenses and reasonable internal costs, FAULDING shall provide CUMBERLAND with required supporting documentation for the Development of the Drug Product in a form suitable for CUMBERLAND' s submission to the FDA or applicable governmental authorities for any country into which the Drug Product will be distributed with the prior written consent of FAULDING, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. 2.4 Bulk Drug Substance Supply: FAULDING shall be responsible for the supply of all Bulk Drug Substance in accordance with Schedules I and II hereto; provided that the supply of Bulk Drug Substance shall be exclusively from such suppliers and in such grades as have been approved in writing by CUMBERLAND as reflected on an approved list to be attached hereto as Schedule III, and provided further that such suppliers and grades may not be changed without CUMBERLAND' s prior written consent. 2.5 Supply of Components: FAULDING shall be responsible for the supply of all components in accordance with Schedules I and II hereto; provided that the supply of components shall be exclusively from such suppliers and in such grades as have been approved in writing by CUMBERLAND as reflected on an approved list to be attached hereto as Schedule III, and provided further that such suppliers and grades may not be changed without CUMBERLAND' s prior written consent. 2.6 Delivery Terms: All deliveries of Drug Product under this Agreement shall be made by FAULDING to CUMBERLAND in the manner set forth in Schedule I. CUMBERLAND shall, within twenty (20) working days after its receipt of any shipment, notify FAULDING in writing, of any claim relating to a Drug Product not conforming to the Specifications, and, failing such notification, notwithstanding Paragraph 5.1 of this Agreement, CUMBERLAND shall be deemed to have accepted the Drug Product. If FAULDING disputes CUMBERLAND' s claim that the Drug Product is non-conforming, then such dispute shall be resolved by an independent testing organization of recognized repute within the pharmaceutical industry mutually agreed upon by FAULDING and CUMBERLAND, the appointment of which shall not be unreasonably withheld by either party. In such event, CUMBERLAND shall ship the testing organization representative samples of the Drug Product from the disputed production lot, and the fees and costs of such testing organization and related shipping and supply costs shall be borne by the party whose position is not sustained by the testing organization. CUMBERLAND' s sole remedy for non-conforming product (other than indemnification under Paragraph 10.2) is to be provided with replacement Drug Product free of charge, including compensation for all CUMBERLAND inputs and all freight charges. 2.7 Payment for the Drug Product: At the time of each shipment, FAULDING shall invoice CUMBERLAND for FAULDING' s manufacturing services at the cost per batch as set forth in Schedule I. Payment shall be made in Australian dollars of the latter of the invoice date or


CUMBERLAND' s acceptance of shipment of conforming Product at its designated receiving facility. 2.8 Price Variations: (i) Prices are as set on Schedule I for the term hereof unless changed pursuant to Paragraph 2.8(ii). (ii) A party may request not less than two months prior to the second anniversary of the effective date of this Agreement and each anniversary thereof thereafter to renegotiate the price per batch having regard to varying costs of manufacture. The requesting party shall provide the other party with evidence of varying costs of manufacture if an increase or decrease in price is sought. Any increase in price shall not exceed the twelve (12) month percent increase in the Consumer Price Index as published by the Australian government and shall be further subject to a maximum of [***] percent ([***]%) unless (a) CUMBERLAND consents in writing to an increase in excess of such Consumer Price Index and (b) FAULDING provides CUMBERLAND with evidence that the proposed increase in price per batch is equivalent to FAULDING' s increased cost of manufacturing per batch (excluding non-manufacturing overhead) as calculated in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles consistently applied. If CUMBERLAND does not consent in writing to an increase in excess of such Consumer Price Index within thirty (30) days of written notification thereof, then FAULDING may withdraw the proposed amount of the increase in excess of the Consumer Price Index or may terminate this Agreement upon at least ninety (90) days prior written notice. 3. TERM AND TERMINATION 3.1 Term: This Agreement shall commence on the date first above written and will continue until the fifth anniversary of the date on which the FDA grants approval to market and sell the Drug Product, unless sooner terminated pursuant to Paragraph 3.2 herein. The Agreement shall be automatically renewed for successive three-year terms unless either party notifies the other party in writing at least twelve (12) months in advance of the expiration of the then current term that the party is terminating the Agreement. 3.2 Termination: This Agreement may be terminated at any time upon the occurrence of any of the following events: (a) Default: Forty-five (45) days following written notice, by either party to the other party, in the event that the other party breaches any provision of this Agreement, and such party fails to remedy the breach prior to the expiration of the forty-five (45) day period. (b) Insolvency: Written notice by either party to the other upon insolvency or bankruptcy of the other party, and the failure of any such insolvency or bankruptcy to be dismissed within sixty (60) days. (c) If, as a result of causes described in Paragraph 7.1, either party is unable to fully perform its obligations hereunder for a period of one hundred eighty (180) consecutive days, the other party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement upon at least thirty (30) days prior written notice; provided that if the required performance is met during that thirty-day period, this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect as if the notice had not been given. Termination, expiration, cancellation or abandonment of this Agreement, through any means and for any reason, shall not relieve the parties of any obligation accruing prior thereto and shall be without the prejudice to the rights and remedies of either party with respect to any antecedent breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement or CUMBERLAND' s purchase order issued hereunder. 3.3 Survival: Paragraphs 5, 6, 9, and 10 shall survive the termination or cancellation of the Agreement for any reason. 4. CERTIFICATES OF ANALYSIS AND MANUFACTURING COMPLIANCE 4.1 Certificates of Analysis: FAULDING shall perform, or cause to be performed, certain tests requested by CUMBERLAND as indicated in the Specifications on each batch of the Drug Product manufactured pursuant to this Agreement before delivery to CUMBERLAND.


A certificate of analysis for each batch delivered shall be delivered with each batch and shall set forth the items tested, specifications, and test results. FAULDING shall also indicate on the certificate of analysis that all batch production and control records have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate quality control unit. FAULDING shall send, or cause to be sent, such certificates to CUMBERLAND prior to the shipment of the Drug Product. CUMBERLAND shall test, or cause to be tested, prior to final release, each batch of the Drug Product as meeting the Specifications. As required by the FDA (see Paragraph 5.2 below), CUMBERLAND shall assume full responsibility for final release of each lot of the Drug Product. 4.2 Manufacturing Compliance: FAULDING shall advise CUMBERLAND immediately if an authorized agent of any regulatory body visits FAULDING' s manufacturing facility and makes an inquiry regarding FAULDING' s method of manufacture of the Drug Product for CUMBERLAND. Upon receipt of any Form 483 Notice of Inspectional Observations issued by the FDA or notice of deficit from any other regulatory inspection after a visit to FAULDING' s manufacturing facility, FAULDING shall immediately send CUMBERLAND a copy thereof; provided that it may redact any language that is subject to a legally enforceable confidentiality agreement between FAULDING and a third party. 4.3 Regulatory Agency Requirements: FAULDING shall prepare and test the Drug Product in conformity with GMP. Subject to the allocation of responsibility for regulatory compliance as set forth in Paragraph 5.2, each party shall consult with the other party hereto before implementing additional regulatory agency requirements concerning the control of Drug Product components, manufacture of the Drug Product, or storage and handling of the Drug Product. The full text of regulatory agency requests or comments will be provided by the party receiving such requests or comments to the other party hereto. The parties will mutually agree on how to respond to such requests and comments and on the allocation of the costs thereof; provided that FAULDING shall be liable only for its reasonable internal costs and not for any out-of-pocket expenses or extraordinary costs required in connection with implementing such regulatory requirements other than the ordinary costs of compliance with GMP. 4.4 Regulatory Documents: Each party will advise the other party hereto of its intention to change any Drug Product regulatory documents prior to submission of the document to any regulatory body. If the change affects the rights and obligations of a party hereto under this Agreement, such party may seek to review or alter any part of the document at any time within ten (10) business days after receipt of notification thereof; provided that if no alterations are submitted to the other party within such ten-day period, each party will be deemed to have consented to the alteration. CUMBERLAND shall reimburse FAULDING for all out-of-pocket expenses and reasonable internal costs of changes to Drug Product regulatory documents, subject to CUMBERLAND' s prior consent pursuant to Paragraph 5.5. 5. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES 5.1 Conformity with Specifications: FAULDING warrants that, at the time of manufacture, the Drug Product is prepared and tested in accordance with cGMP and meets the Specifications. Because FAULDING has no control of the conditions under which the Drug Product is used, the diagnosis of the patient before or after treatment with the Drug Product, the


method of use or administration of the Drug Product, and handling of the Drug Product after delivery to CUMBERLAND, FAULDING does not warrant either a good effect, or against an ill effect, following the use of the Drug Product. The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties either written, oral, or implied. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. No representative of FAULDING may change any of the foregoing warranties and CUMBERLAND accepts the Drug Product subject to all terms hereof. 5.2 Compliance: CUMBERLAND assumes responsibility for coordinating all contact with the FDA and other regulatory bodies, pertaining specifically to Drug Product. FAULDING authorizes CUMBERLAND' s representatives to supervise and inspect the methods used in and facilities used for manufacturing, processing, packaging, and handling of the Drug Product, but CUMBERLAND shall have no such obligation under this Agreement. Except as otherwise required by applicable regulations, CUMBERLAND' s inspections shall be limited to two per year, each to occur upon seven days notice and to be conducted during normal business hours; provided that CUMBERLAND may also inspect such facilities promptly after any regulatory inspection thereof. 5.3 Debarring: FAULDING represents and warrants that it has not been debarred in the United States within the meaning of 21 U.S.C. a7 335a(a) and 335a(b), nor will it use in any capacity the services of any person debarred pursuant to subsections 3.06(a) or 3.06(b) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 335(a) and (b). 5.4 FDA Submission: FAULDING represents and warrants that it has submitted to the FDA information about the manufacturing site to be used for the Drug Product and the facilities, operating procedures, and personnel at such site. 5.5 Reimbursement: FAULDING shall not incur any development costs for which it intends to seek reimbursement from CUMBERLAND for the manufacturing facility, equipment, or manufacturing method unless FAULDING has the prior written consent of CUMBERLAND. 5.6 Exclusivity: FAULDING will not sell, give away, or deliver to any other person, firm, or corporation any Drug Product without CUMBERLAND' s prior written consent while this Agreement is effective and for two years after the termination of this Agreement.
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