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Administrative Services Agreement

This is an actual contract by Diversified Futures Trust I.
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Exhibit 10.18


THIS AGREEMENT dated as of November 20, 2006 by and between WCM Pool LLC (the " Company" ) and Preferred Investment Solutions Corp. (" Preferred" ).

WHEREAS, the Company has been formed in order to permit certain " commodity pools" to consolidate their trading pursuant to the to the Diversified Program of Winton Capital Management Limited, United Kingdom company (the " WCM Program" ) by investing as Members in the Company, which will open a single WCM Pool LLC Account which will trade pursuant to the WCM Program, rather than each Member maintaining individual trading accounts with the WCM Program in each such Member' s name; and

WHEREAS, the Company and Preferred desire to set forth and memorialize their agreement with respect to the administrative services to be provided by Preferred to the Company and the consideration to be paid to Preferred by the Company therefor.

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto agree as follows:

1. Administrative Services; Delegation, Limitation of Liability . Preferred agrees to provide to the Company the administrative services set forth on Exhibit A hereto. Preferred may delegate its duties hereunder to its affiliates or to third-party service providers (each an " Additional Service Provider" ). Preferred shall incur no liability with respect to administrative services provided to the Company by any Additional Service Provider, provided Preferred has exercised reasonable care in selecting such Additional Service Provider.

2. Fee . In consideration of the administrative services to be provided hereunder by Preferred to the Company, the Company shall pay to Preferred, in arrears, as of the end of each month, an administrative services fee in an amount to be agreed from time to time between the Company and Preferred to be equal to the aggregate amount of any and all out-of-pocket costs incurred by Preferred in connection with the performance of its obligations hereunder and the costs to Preferred associated with making its personnel available from time to time to perform such services, including salary and other overhead costs and expenses.

3. Limitation of Authority . This Agreement shall in no respect extend
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