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Promotion to Group Vice President

This is an actual contract by Esterline Technologies.

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Agreement Preview
Sectors: Electronics and Miscellaneous Technology
Effective Date: March 14, 2005
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Personal & Confidential

March 14, 2005

Mr. Frank Houston
24136 E. Greystone Lane
Woodway, WA 98020

Re: Promotion to Group Vice President

Dear Frank:

Frank, this is to confirm our offer of promotion to the position of Esterline Group Vice President, which we have agreed will become effective later this month on Tuesday, March 29.

Scope & reporting relationship. As Group Vice President you will have senior-level leadership and oversight responsibility for the operations and financial results of certain Esterline subsidiary companies assigned to you. Your initial assignments will be for the companies that currently comprise the Avionics & Optics Group and for Mason Electric. Other assignments will be forthcoming as your general orientation, work capacity, and business circumstances allow.

You will also be an officer of the corporation. That role will require you to work closely with me, the other officers, and corporate staff to lead, develop, and maintain the most effective strategies and business processes we can to ensure Esterline' s success. As an officer, you will have ethical, fiduciary, and legal obligations similar to those with which you are familiar as Korry' s president. Our corporate secretary will provide you further information as part of your orientation.

You will report directly to Larry Kring, who is Senior Group Vice President. As such, I have asked Larry to take chief responsibility for training new group vice presidents, for general supervision, and for formalizing key job processes.

Compensation. As a corporate officer, Esterline' s Board of Directors, at their discretion, will establish all your compensation. Normally the Board reviews officer compensation on an annual basis, and makes various changes to plan designs, performance goals, and amounts based on professional consulting advice, on management recommendations, and on the corporation' s general business conditions. The Board has authorized the following for you: Salary. We will increase your base salary to the rate of $250,000.00 per year, gross, effective on your appointment date.

Annual Incentive Compensation. You will also participate in Esterline' s FY05 Annual Incentive Compensation Plan at a target award of 35% of base salary. Your participation will take effect pro rata as of your appointment date. A copy of the FY05 Annual IC Plan is enclosed for your information.
Long Term Incentive Plan. As you are aware, the Board is developing a new Long Term
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