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Fiscal Year 2010 Sales Compensation Plan

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Exhibit 10.25

Extreme Networks Executive Sales

Fiscal Year 2010 Sales Compensation Plan

June 29, 2009 June 27, 2010 Extreme Networks Confidential

Extreme Networks Confidential Sales Compensation Plan Section 1: Introduction

This plan is effective June 29, 2009 through June 27, 2010

Nothing in the Fiscal Year 2010 Sales Compensation Plan (the " Plan" ) shall be construed to imply a contract of employment between Extreme Networks (The Company) and the participant. Extreme Networks reserves the right to terminate any participant' s employment or participation in the Plan at any time with or without cause.

Extreme Networks reserves the right to modify the Plan, including performance quota, by furnishing each Plan participant written notice of the changes. All modifications must be signed by the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, and will be prospective in manner. There will be no retroactive modifications.

This Plan is written in the English Language. Each Plan participant will be provided one (1) copy of the plan. If requested in writing , a local language copy will be provided.

Extreme Networks has the right to revoke any commissions paid or to be paid to employee if Company determines that there was a violation of any of Extreme Networks' s policies committed by the employee related to the underlying transaction or relationship.


Extreme' s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Regional Vice Presidents are eligible for this Plan unless determined otherwise by the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors.

Extreme Networks reserves the right to redefine participation and eligibility requirements for this Plan at any time.

Final Authority To be eligible for commission payments, plan participant must sign and return the Appendix A of their Compensation Plan within 10 days of receipt in order for commission payout to occur.

Commission payout cannot be processed until the signed Appendix A is received by the Finance Department in the Corporate Office. For issues not specifically addressed in this Plan and for all matters of administration of this Plan, including any modifications of this Plan, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer shall have final authority, subject to approval from the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors as appropriate.

Section 2: Compensation Plan Elements

The Plan may consist of the following three components:


Extreme Networks Confidential Sales Compensation Plan Base Salary

Commission (Territory, Quota and Rates per Appendix A of Compensation Plan)

MBO (Management by Objectives), if applicable Section 2.1: Base Salary

All Plan Participants covered under the Plan will receive and be paid base salary according to the pay schedule for the participant' s country. Section 2.2: Commissions

Sales Territory

A sales territory can be defined by any of the following: Vertical Market

Named account

Geographic Area.

Qualifying Sale

A " qualifying sale" is a sale, accepted by Extreme Networks in accordance with its applicable policies and procedures, of any product or services listed on Extreme Networks' s published Price List. Extreme Networks reserves the right to establish the terms and conditions of any order prior to acceptance, and all orders and contracts submitted by a Plan participant are subject to final acceptance or rejection by the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

OEM Sales For purposes of the commissionable revenue, OEM/VAR sales credit will be assigned to the region where the OEM/VAR agreement is executed. Region(s) where the revenue is shipped are not eligible for credit. OEM/VAR transactions are defined where any of the following are present in the transaction:


Extreme' s products are bundled with a partner' s/reseller' s product(s) in a single
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