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Writer Agreement to Prepare Screenplay Dated June 27, 2005

This is an actual contract by Fitmedia.
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Exhibit 10.1


This agreement made and entered into as of the 27th day of June, 2005.

BETWEEN: FITMEDIA INC., a company duly incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware, and extra-provincially registered in B.C., with an office at 304B-338 W 8th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6Y 3X2 (" Producer" ).


AND: JOELLE LAZAR , a person residing at 2710 East 7th Avenue, 17 West 18th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5M 1T7 (" Writer" ).


WHEREAS: A. Producer intends to engage the services if the Writer to prepare the outline (the " Screenplay" ) (collectively the " Property" ) tentatively entitled " Fitmedia' s Pre-Natal Yoga" . B. Producer wishes to obtain the exclusive right s in and to the Screenplay upon the terms and conditions herein contained. ACCORDINGLY, IT IS AGREED AS FOLLOWS: 1. ENGAGEMENT 1.1Producer engages Writer to provide services as a writer of the Screenplay as specified below. 1.2Writer' s services shall include the preparation and delivery of : a.treatment (the " Treatment" ) of the Screenplay which shall include the following: a.an outline for 45 minutes of yoga poses suitable for pregnant women, which shall include pelvic floor exercises; b.a list of subheadings for the 45 minutes of yoga; c.short separate segment (up to 5 minutes each) regarding the following: i.guided mediation (how to stay centered in the midst of a storm); ii.anatomy of breath; and iii.hand mudras; b.A Draft (the " First Draft" ) of the Screenplay to be based on the Treatment; and c.One set of changes and revisions to that resulting in a revised draft (the " Revisited Draft" ) of the Screenplay as may be required by Producer. 1.3Writer acknowledges that the First Draft and the Revisited Draft shall be based on the treatment and the materials such other suggestions and comments as may be provided by Producer and shall be suitable for the production of a film based in the Screenplay (the " Video" ) having a running time of between approximately 60 minutes.

1.4Producer shall, in its sole discretion, be entitled to modify the overall length of the Screenplay, the Video or both. In the event that modifications affect the services as reasonably required by Producer. 2. DELIVERY 2.1Writer agrees to prepare and deliver the Treatment on or before 2 days of entering into this Agreement; 2.2Writer agrees to prepare and deliver the First Draft on or before 3 days of entering into this Agreement. 2.3Producer shall have a period of 2 days following its receipt of the First Draft to review it and to require Writer, by notice in writing (a " Revision Notice" ) given to Writer within such period, to prepare the Revised Draft. During the 2 day period, Writer shall make himself available to Producer at mutually convenient times for the purposes of reviewing and discussion changes and revisions to the First Draft. In the event that the Producer requires that Writer prepare the Revised Draft, Writer shall prepare and deliver it within 3 days after the Revision Notice was given. 3. COMPENSATION 3.1In consideration for Writer' s services rendered or agreed to be rendered and for all the rights granted or agreed to be granted by Writer, together with Writer' s other agreements, Producer agrees to pay writer and Writer agrees to accept a fee of $80 U.S. Dollars per hour, but Writer shall not spend more than 8 hours in total for writing services without first notifying Producer in writing. Writer shall invoice Producer on a weekly basis for services, and invoices shall be paid within 10 days of receipt. 3.2In addition to hourly fees, Producer shall pay to the Writer a royalty payment amount equal to 5% of all net receipts received by Producer for exploitation of the Property. Net Receipts is defined as all revenues received by Producer from the sale of the Property, less all production expenses, duplication expenses, marketing expenses, credit card fees and chargebacks, transaction processing fees, other electronic commerce processing, patent royalties or other fees, sales tax, mechanical royalties, public performance fees, shipping, union, guild or other third party fees, Internet advertising and promotion costs, such as banner ads on other web sites, Internet referral fees, such as fees payable to any third party who, through their web site, email or other means, refers to us a purchaser, and a $3.00 server/e-commerce charge from each single download where the property is sold in digital format. Royalty payments shall be due annually. 3.3Payment to Writer shall be deemed to be equitable and inclusive remuneration, including all sales and goods and services tax, for all services rendered by Writer in connection with the Screenplay and have been paid by way of a complete buy-out of all proceeds of Writer' s services hereunder in any and all media throughout the universe pursuant to any collective bargaining agreement, if any, other wise, by way of residuals, repeat fees, pension contributions, or any other monies whatsoever. 3.4If Writer arranges for any of her students to appear in the Video, each student shall sign a photo release as approved by both Writer and Producer, and each student shall be compensated for her services at a rate of $22 U.S. Dollars pe
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