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The parties agree as of the 30 day of December, 1997 that all indebtedness owed by Bankers Financial Corporation, Bankers Insurance Group, Inc., Insurance Management Solutions, Inc., and Bankers Hazard Determination Services, Inc. (the "Obligors") to SouthTrust Bank, National Association (the "Bank") shall be secured by all Collateral granted by the Obligors and Bankers Insurance Services, Inc., Bankers International Securities, Inc., Bankers Risk Management Services, Inc., Bankers Underwriters, Inc., Executive Aviation Charters, Inc., Gilchrist Timber Co., Inc., and Southern Rental & Leasing Corporation (the "Pledgors") to Bank at any time to the end that all such indebtedness shall be cross-collateralized and that a default by the Obligors under the terms of any promissory notes and all other loan documents executed by the Obligors in connection with any loan, shall be deemed a default under the
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