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Executive Death Benefit Plan

This is an actual contract by International Flavors & Fragrances.

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Sectors: Chemicals
Governing Law: New York, View New York State Laws
Effective Date: July 01, 1990
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Effective July 1, 1990



1.01 The purpose of the Plan is to assist the Company in attracting and retaining qualified executive and creative employees and to provide eligible employees with increased death benefits during employment with the Company and/or after retirement.



2.01 "Annual Base Salary" shall mean the basic annual rate of a Participant's compensation (before making any reductions pursuant to an effective Cash or Deferred Wage and Salary Conversion Agreement under the International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. Retirement Investment Fund Plan), in effect for him or her on the first day of the Plan Year, but excluding bonuses, commissions and all other forms of compensation or benefits including additional compensation from this Plan and any amount contributed for him or her by the Company to any public or private employee benefit plan.

2.02 "Basic Insurance Plan" shall mean the basic group term life insurance plan for employees and retirees maintained by the Company at its expense to provide noncontributory life insurance coverage based on annual earnings (as that term is defined in the Basic Insurance Plan), as such plan may be amended, modified or replaced from time to time.

2.03 "Beneficiary" shall mean the individual or entity designated by the Participant to receive the death benefit payable under the Plan upon the Participant's death. If no such designation is made, or if the designated individual predeceases the Participant or the entity no longer exists, then the Beneficiary shall be the Participant's estate.

2.04 "Company" shall mean International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

2.05 "Effective Date" shall mean July 1, 1990

2.06 "Eligible Employee" shall mean an individual who is employed by the Company or one of its subsidiaries on or after the Effective Date and who, (a) is a participant in either the Company's Management Incentive Compensation Plan ("MICP") or Special Executive Bonus Plan ("SEBP"), (b) is a participant in the Basic Insurance Plan, (c) has not yet attained the age of 70


and (d) has submitted to the Insurer a properly completed application for life insurance under this Plan.

2.07 "Entrance Date" shall mean that date on which an Eligible Employee first becomes a Participant. The first Entrance Date, as regards any Eligible Employee, shall be the later of the Effective Date or the date of acceptance by the Insurer of such Eligible Employee's application for life insurance under this Plan. Beginning with the year 1991, subsequent Entrance Dates as regards any additional Eligible Employee(s), shall be the February 1 coinciding with or following the date of acceptance by the Insurer of their application for life insurance under this Plan.

2.08 "Insurer" shall mean that independent company from time to time issuing to the Company written split-dollar life insurance policies on the lives of Participants in accordance with the terms of the Plan.

2.09 "Participant" shall mean each Eligible Employee during his or her employment by the Company or one of its subsidiaries on and after the Entrance Date, who has not attained the age of 70 and who is accepted by the Insurer as insurable for life insurance.

2.10 "Plan" shall mean this Executive Death Benefit Plan.

2.11 "Plan Committee" shall mean the committee appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company to administer the Plan.

2.12 "Retired Participant" shall mean each Participant or Senior Participant who leaves the employ of the Company or one of its subsidiaries at a time when he or she is eligible to receive an immediate Early, Normal, or Deferred Pension, or, upon attaining age 65, a Disability Pension from the Company's qualified pension plan.

2.13 "Senior Participant" shall mean each Participant, during his or her employment by the Company or one of its subsidiaries, who has attained the age of 70.




3.01 The death benefit payable to each Participant's beneficiary under the Basic Insurance Plan shall be reduced to $50,000 during the period prior to termination of employment with the Company and to $12,500 upon becoming a Retired Participant. The Company may require any Eligible Employee, as a condition of becoming a Participant, to deliver an instrument signed by him or her waiving benefits under the Basic Insurance Plan in excess of $50,000 as long as the Eligible Employee shall be a Participant or Senior Participant in this Plan. No such waiver and no provision of this Plan shall adversely affect such Participant's right to be reinstated in the Basic Insurance Plan, upon the termination of this Plan, if such other plan shall then be in effect.

3.02 The Company shall purchase and have all ownership rights (except as otherwise provided under Section 3.04 of this Plan) to a split dollar insurance policy on the life of each Participant. Such policy shall provide a death benefit equal to the excess of twice the Participant's Annual Base Salary on the first day of the Plan Year in which death shall occur over the death benefit provided by the Basic Insurance Plan. Upon the death of a Participant, death benefit under such policy shall be paid by the Insurer to the Participant's Beneficiary designated as provided in Section 3.04 of this Plan. Upon a Participant's attaining the status of a Senior Participant or Retired Participant, whichever shall first occur, his or her Beneficiary designation(s) and/or any Beneficiary designations made by his or her assignee under Section 3.04 of this Plan shall lapse, and upon the Retired or Senior Participant's death, the entire death benefit under such policy shall be paid by the Insurer to the Company.

3.03 All premiums on each policy described in 3.02 above shall be paid by the Company for the respective accounts of all Pa
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