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Lease Contract - Korea Institute Of Design Promotion Dated 02/24/2004

This is an actual contract by Leadis Technology.

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Agreement Preview
Sectors: Electronics and Miscellaneous Technology
Effective Date: February 24, 2004
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Exhibit 10.12

Registered No. 2004-543


69-8, 2-Ka, Taepyung-Ro, Chung-ku, Seoul, Korea



Lease Contract

Leadis Technology Korea, Inc. (Room 802, 8th floor)

February, 2004

Korea Institute of Design Promotion


Lease Contract

Lessor: Korea Institute of Design Promotion (hereinafter named as "Lessor")

Lessee: Leadis Technology Korea, Inc. (hereinafter named as "Lessee")

As the supplementary provision for the attached General Conditions of the Contract, Special Conditions of the Contract and Lease Contract, the above Lessor and Lessee conclude Lease Contract. In order to prove the conclusion of this contract, the contract sheet is executed in 2 copies, each of which shall be signed, sealed and kept by each party.

February 24, 2004 Lessor: KIDP Lesee: Leadis Technology Korea, Inc. Address: 344-1, Yatap 1-dong Address: Korea Design Center, Room Bundang-gu, Seongnam 205, 344-1, Yatap 1-dong, Bundang-gu, Kyunggi-do Seongnam, Kyunggi-do Representative: Kim, Chul Ho Representative: Ahn, Sung Tae

General Conditions of the Contract

Article 1 (Objective) The objective is to ensure that Lessor, Korea Institute of Design Promotion (hereinafter named as ?A') and Lessee, Leadis Technology Korea, Inc. (hereinafter named as ?B') conclude Lease Contract and sincerely fulfill the stipulated regulation and obligation in accordance with the mutual trust.

Article 2 (Details of the Contract) (1) The Object Matter of the Lease: Room 802, 8th floor, Korea Design Center, 344-1, Yatap 1 ?dong, Bundang ?gu, Seongnam, Kyunggi ?do (size ?105.10 pyung(347.44 sqm))

(2) Use: Office

(3) Lease Term: March 25, 2004 ~ March 24, 2006

(4) Guaranty Money the lease: Won eighty four million and eighty thousand ((Won)84,080,000)

(5) Monthly Rent: Won four million and two hundred and four thousand ((Won)4,204,000) without VAT

(6) Monthly Management Expenses: Won one million and eight hundred and ninety one thousand and eight hundred ((Won)1,891,800) without VAT (7) Due Date of Management Expenses: fifteenth day of the month

Article 3 (Restriction on Use) "B" shall not use the object matter of the lease for any uses other than those stipulated in Clause 2 of Article 2.

Article 4 (Effect, Termination and Intermediary Cancellation of the Contract)

(1) This lease contract is effectuated on the date of conclusion. (2) This contract is terminated upon the expiry of lease term or cancellation or rescission of the contract in accordance with each provision of the contract. (3) If ?B' wishes to cancel the contract during the lease term, ?B' shall notify ?A' in writing 60 days in advance without fail. In this case, this contract is terminated on the 60th day from the day when ?A' receives the written notification.

Article 5 (Penalty for Intermediary Cancellation)

If ?B' wishes to cancel the contract 60 days in advance in accordance with Clause 3 of Article 4, ?B' shall pay ?A' amount calculated at the annual interest rate of 15% against the guaranty money for the term ranging from the next day of contract cancellation to the 60th day, rent and management expenses. However, the term for imposing penalty shall be until either the 60th day from the day when ?A' receives written notification of contract cancellation or expiry date of lease contract, whichever comes earlier.

Article 6 (Renewal of Contract)

In case that either "A" or "B" wishes to renew lease contract after the expiry date, such intention shall be notified to the other party in writing 30 days earlier than the expiry date at latest. Unless such written notification is made or agreement on renewal is made by the expiry date, this contract is automatically terminated upon the expiry of lease term

Article 7 (Payment and Restitution of Guaranty Money)

(1) The guaranty money shall be the amount stipulated in Clause 4 of Article 2, which shall be paid to "A" by "B" before or on the conclusion date of lease contract.

(2) In case that "B" does not occupy and use the object matter of the lease notwithstanding elapse of 30 days after the commencing date of lease term nor pay "A" the whole amount of guaranty money before the commencing date of lease term, this contract is regarded as automatically cancelled on the commencing date of lease term.

(3) In case that this contract is cancelled in accordance with the Clause 2, the contract deposit paid by "B" shall be unconditionally in the possession of "A" as penalty and "B" is not entitled to claim restitution.

(4) Guaranty money is deposited to "A" with no interest.

(5)"B" is not entitled to make use of guaranty money to pay rent or management expenses.

(6) In case that this contract is terminated in accordance with Clause 2 of Article 4 and "B" completely fulfills the obligation stipulated in each provision of this contract, "A" shall return the deposited guaranty money. However, if any charges in the account of "B" such as unpaid rent, management expenses, etc remain unsettled, "A" is entitled to deduct

them from guaranty money so as to make balance, which will be actually returned. (7) Within 14 days after "B" completes restoring state of object matter of the lease, "A" shall return guaranty money. For delayed return of guaranty money, delay charge at the annual interest rate of 15% shall be imposed to "A".

Article 8 (Payment of Rent and Management Expenses)

(1) The term for assessing monthly rent and management expenses shall be from the first to the last day of each month. "B" shall pay "A" the amount stipulated in Clause 5 and 6 of Article 2 by the due date stipulated in Clause 7.

(2) In case that the commencement or termination of lease term falls on the middle of month, the rent and management expenses shall be calculated in accordance with the number of days.

(3) The management expenses stipulated in Clause 6 of Article 2 include expense for air-conditioning, heating, cleaning, electricity, water supply and so forth.

(4) In case that "B" consumes utility beyond the allowed quantity or time, extra charge may be collected. Particularly, the rental fee for special facilities installed to the need of "B" shall be collected separately irrespective of management expenses.

Article 9 (Arrears)

Failing to pay guaranty money, rent or management expenses, etc. on due date, "B" shall pay "A" arrea
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