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Stock Repurchase Agreement

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This Agreement is made as of May 1, 1984 between Masco Corporation, a Delaware corporation ("Masco"), and Masco Industries, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("Industries").

WHEREAS, Masco is transferring to Industries certain assets pursuant to the Masco Corporation Corporate Restructuring Plan (the "Plan") dated as of May 1, 1984 and proposes thereafter, pursuant to the Plan, to distribute as a dividend (the "Distribution") in excess of 40% of Industries' Common Stock, $1.00 par value (the "Common Stock"), to the stockholders of Masco;

WHEREAS, as a result of the Distribution, Industries will become a publicly held corporation and Masco will initially own approximately 50% of the Common Stock;

WHEREAS, employees of and consultants to Masco and Industries and their respective subsidiaries may on the date of the Distribution possess share awards of Common Stock under the Masco Corporation 1984 Restricted Stock (Industries) Incentive Plan (the "Masco Plan") which are forfeitable to Masco upon the occurrence of the events specified therein, Industries has established its own Restricted Stock Incentive Plan and may in the future establish additional plans (the "Industries Plans") under which shares of Common Stock of Industries could be awarded to employees of and consultants to Industries and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies subject to forfeiture to Industries, and Industries may in the future desire to repurchase shares of its outstanding Common Stock; and

WHEREAS, Masco desires to prevent any of the foregoing events, without the concurrence of Masco, from resulting in an increase in Masco's percentage ownership of the outstanding Common Stock as it exists immediately prior to occurrence of such event;

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereby agree as follows:

1. If at any time prior to May 1, 1994, (a) Industries or any of its subsidiaries shall repurchase any Common Stock or (b) any shares of Common Stock, which have been awarded to any employees of or consultants to Industries or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies pursuant to the Industries Plans, or which have been awarded to any employees of or consultants to Industries or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies or Masco or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies pursuant to the Masco Plan, shall be forfeited to Industries or Masco pursuant to the terms thereof, Industries shall offer to Masco the opportunity to sell to Industries on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, the number of shares of Common Stock (the "Offered Shares") necessary to prevent any increase in the percentage of outstanding shares of

Common Stock owned by Masco immediately prior to such repurchase or forfeiture.

2. Promptly after any forfeiture pursuant to the Masco plan should Masco desire to sell shares of Common Stock to Industries, Masco shall notify Industries thereof, specifying the number of shares of Common Stock so forfeited. Promptly after any such repurchase by Industries or forfeiture pursuant to the Industries Plans, Industries shall notify Masco thereof in writing, specifying the number of shares of Common Stock so repurchased or forfeited and the number of shares of Common Stock required to be sold by Masco to Industries to prevent the increase in percentage ownership as provided in Paragraph 1. Industries shall thereafter offer Masco the opportunity for 30 days from the date of either of such notices to sell to Industries all (or such lesser number as is specified by Masco in its acceptance referred to in Paragraph 3) of the Offered Shares for a purchase price (the "Purchase Price") equal to (a) in the case of a repurchase of Common Stock by Industries, the highest repurchase price paid by Industries to a third party during the 30-day period ending on the date of such repurchase or (b) in the case of the forfeiture of shares of Common Stock pursuant to the Industries Plans or the Masco Plan, as the case may be, the fair market value of shares of the Common Stock at the close of trading on the date of such forfeiture.

3. If Masco shall accept Industries' offer within the 30-day period specified in Paragraph 2 above by written notice to Industries, then on the date 5 days after the date of Masco's acceptance, Masco shall deliver to Industries duly executed certificates representing the Offered Shares as to which Industries' offer has been accepted against receipt from Industries of the amount of the Purchase Price for such Offered Shares.

4. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware.

5. This Agreement shall not be assigned by either party, except to a successor to substantially all of the business of a party, without the express written consent of the other party.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the day and year first above written.


By /s/ Wayne B. Lyon By /s/ Richard A. Manoogian
Vice President President

September 20, 1985

Mr. Richard G. Mosteller Masco Corporation 21001 Van Born Road Taylor, Michigan 48180

Re: Restricted Stock Incentive Plans

Dear Mr. Mosteller:

This will confirm (i) our arrangements regarding reimbursement of costs relating to unvested incentive award shares of Masco Corporation ("Masco") common stock and Masco Industries, Inc. ("Industries") common stock upon transfers of employment and consulting relationships between Masco and Industries, (ii) our arrangements regarding reimbursement upon forfeitures of such shares, and (iii) our prior understandings on the implementation of the Stock Repurchase Agreement dated May 1, 1984 between Masco and Industries with respect to Industries' repurchases of its common stock from Masco following the forfeiture of shares of Industries common stock granted under either Masco's or Industries' restricted stock incentive plan (the "Industries Stock Incentive Plans") and following open market repurchases of such stock by Industries. These procedures have been established in order to attribute the cost of such incentive shares in respect of the employees of and consultants to Masco and Industries and to permit Masco, among other things, to achieve its expressed objective of maintaining its equity ownership in Industries at not more than 50% after any forfeiture of Industries incentive award shares. These procedures are not intended to alter the rights of the parties under the Corporate Restructuring Plan or the Stock Repurchase Agreement except as expressly provided herein, and may be terminated by Masco or Industries at any time without cause, effective ten days after notice of termination.

1. Transfers.

If a person changes employment or a consulting relationship from Masco to Industries or from Industries to Masco, the new employer will reimburse the former employer for the cost on the books of the former employer which is associated with unvested shares of Masco common stock or Industries common stock awarded under a Masco or Industries incentive plan, to the extent such shares may continue to vest while the person is engaged by the new employer.

2. Forfeitures By Industries Employees and Consultants.

A. Shares of Industries common stock forfeited by an Industries employee or consultant which were granted pursuant to either of the Industries Stock Incentive Plans are deemed automatically acquired by Industries from the employee or consultant as of the date of the forfeiture notwithstanding any contrary provision in either of the Industries Stock Incentive Plans. Industries waives its right under Paragraph 4.02 of the Corporate Restructuring Plan to require Masco to pay Industries an amount equal to the unamortized cost
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