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To Employment Agreement With Ceo

This is an actual contract by Medstone International.
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Exhibit 10.30




Chief Executive Officer

This Medstone International, Inc. Employment Agreement Amendment #2 (this "Amendment") is entered into effective November 6, 2003, by and between Medstone International, Inc., a Delaware Corporation ("Medstone"), and David V. Radlinski ("Employee"), as the second amendment to the Employment Agreement (the "Employment Agreement") dated August 13, 1998, between Medstone and Employee.

Whereas, the original term of the Employment Agreement was to be for five (5) full years from the effective date of the Employment Agreement, and

Whereas, by prior amendment effective July 24, 2003, the term of the Employment Agreement was extended to expire on December 31, 2003, and

Whereas the parties to the Employment Agreement desire to f
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