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Lease Extension Agreement Dated May 15,1996

This is an actual contract by Nact Telecommunications.
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May 2, 1996

National Applied Computer Technologies, Inc. (N.A.C.T.) Wasatch International Network Services, Inc. (W.I.N.S.)

RE: Lease Agreements dated November 1, 1993, December 13, 1993,
October 20, 1994 (2 Leases)


The following presents two alternatives to you for the continued occupancy of your space beyond the current termination points. The following is a proposal and does not in any way modify the terms of the written agreements between the parties unless and until accepted in writing by both parties.

Proposal 1: Upon the expiration of the current terms of the Leases, Lessee may occupy the space on a month to month basis (with a minimum 60 days notice before vacating). The following rate of rental per month for the respected areas will be, to-wit:

N.A.C.T. Spaces $ 13,885.42 per month
W.I.N.S. Space $ 2,112.25 per month

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