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General Continuing Guaranty

This is an actual contract by Orange 21.

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Agreement Preview
Sectors: Health Products and Services
Governing Law: California , View California State Laws
Effective Date: February 26, 2007
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Exhibit 10.40


February 26, 2007 BFI Business Finance

1655 The Alameda San Jose, California 95126

To: BFI Business Finance For good and valuable consideration, and in order to induce BFI Business Finance , a California corporation (" Lender" ), to extend and/or continue to extend financial accommodations to Spy Optic, Inc., a California corporation (" Borrower" ), pursuant to the terms and conditions of that certain Loan and Security Agreement and/or promissory note (individually and collectively, the " Agreement" ), dated February 26, 2007 , evidencing and otherwise relating to a loan by Lender to Borrower in the original principal amount of Five Million and 00/100 Dollars ($5,000,000.00) (the " Loan" ), or pursuant to any other present or future agreement between Lender and Borrower, and in consideration thereof, and in consideration of any loans, advances, or financial accommodations heretofore or hereafter granted by Lender to or for the account of Borrower, whether pursuant to the Agreement, or otherwise, Orange 21 Inc. , a Delaware corporation (" Guarantor" ), whose address is 2070 Las Palmas Drive, Carlsbad, California 92011 , hereby, jointly and severally, guarantees, promises and undertakes as follows:

1. Guarantor unconditionally, absolutely and irrevocably guarantees and promises to pay to Lender, or order, on demand, in lawful money of the United States, any and all indebtedness and/or obligations of Borrower to Lender and the payment to Lender of all sums which may be presently due and owing and of all sums which shall in the future become due and owing to Lender from Borrower whether under the Agreement or otherwise. The terms " indebtedness" and " obligations" (hereinafter collectively referred to as the " Obligations" ) are used herein in their most comprehensive sense and include, without limitation, the Loan and any and all advances, debts, obligations, and liabilities of Borrower, heretofore, now, or hereafter made, incurred, or created, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, and however arising, including, without limitation, (a) indebtedness owing by Borrower to third parties who have granted Lender a security interest in the accounts, chattel paper and/or general intangibles of said third party; (b) any and all attorneys' fees, expenses, costs, premiums, charges and/or interest owed by Borrower to Lender, whether under the Agreement, or otherwise, whether due or not due, absolute or contingent, liquidated or unliquidated, determined or undetermined, whether Borrower may be liable individually or jointly with others, whether recovery upon such indebtedness may be or hereafter becomes barred by any statute of limitations or whether such indebtedness may be or hereafter becomes otherwise unenforceable, and includes Borrower' s prompt, full and faithful performance, observance and discharge or each and every term, condition, agreement, representation, warranty undertaking and provision to be performed by Borrower under the Agreement; (c) any and all obligations or liabilities of Borrower to Lender arising out of any other agreement by Borrower including without limitation any agreement to indemnify Lender for environmental liability or to clean up hazardous waste; (d) any and all indebtedness, obligations or liabilities for which Borrower would otherwise be liable to Lender were it not for the invalidity, irregularity or unenforceability of them by reason of any bankruptcy, insolvency or other law or order of any kind, including from and after the filing by or against Borrower of a bankruptcy petition, whether an involuntary or voluntary bankruptcy case, and all attorneys' fees related thereto; and (e) any and all amendments, modifications, renewals and/or extensions of any of the above, including without limit amendments, modifications, renewals and/or extensions which are evidenced by new or additional instruments, documents or agreements. 2. This General Continuing Guaranty (this " Guaranty" ) is a continuing guaranty that shall remain effective during the term of the Agreement and relates to any Obligations, including those which arise under successive transactions which shall either continue the Obligations from time to time or renew them after they have been satisfied until this Guaranty has been expressly terminated. Any such termination (a) shall be applicable only with respect to Obligations incurred at least thirty (30) days after written notice to Lender specifying such termination, (b) shall be effective only with respect to transactions having their inception after the effective date of termination, and (c) shall not affect the Loan or any rights or obligations arising out of transactions having their inception prior to such date. No termination shall be effective until such time as Lender is no longer committed or otherwise obligated to make the Loan or any other loans or advances, or to grant any credit whatsoever to Borrower. In the absence of any termination of this Guaranty, Guarantor agrees that nothing shall discharge or satisfy its obligations created hereunder except for the full payment and performance of the Obligations with interest.

3. Guarantor agrees that it is directly and primarily liable to Lender, that the obligations hereunder are independent of the obligations of Borrower, and that a separate action or actions may be brought and prosecuted against Guarantor irrespective of whether Borrower is joined in any such action or actions. Guarantor agrees that any releases which may be given by Lender to Borrower or any other guarantor or endorser shall not release it from this Guaranty. 4. In the event that any bankruptcy, insolvency, receivership or similar proceeding is instituted by or against Guarantor and/or Borrower or in the event that either Guarantor or Borrower become insolvent, make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or attempt to effect a composition with creditors, or if there be any default under the Agreement (whether declared or not), then, at Lender' s election, without notice or demand, the obligations of Guarantor created hereunder shall become due, payable and enforceable against Guarantor whether or not the Obligations are then due and payable. Page 1 of 5 Initial Here a8

5. Guarantor agrees to indemnify Lender and hold Lender harmless against all obligations, demands, and liabilities, by whomsoever asserted and against all losses in any way suffered, incurred, or paid by Lender as a result of or in any way arising out of, following, or consequential to transactions with Borrower whether under the Agreement, or otherwise, and also agrees that this Guaranty shall not be impaired by any modification, supplement, extension, or amendment of any contract or agreement to which Lender and Borrower may hereafter agree, nor by any modification, release, or other alteration of any of the Obligations hereby guaranteed or of any security therefor, nor by any agreements or arrangements whatsoever with Borrower or anyone else.

6. Guarantor hereby authorizes Lender, without notice or demand and without affecting its liability hereunder, from time to time to: (a) renew, compromise, extend, accelerate, or otherwise change the interest rate, time for payment, or the other terms of any of the Obligations guaranteed hereby, and exchange, enforce, waive, and release any security therefor; (b) apply such security and direct the order or manner of sale thereof as Lender in its discretion may determine; (c) release or substitute any one or more endorser(s) or guarantor(s); and (d) assign, without notice, this Guaranty in whole or in part and/or Lender' s rights hereunder to anyone at any time. Guarantor agrees that Lender may do any or all of the foregoing in such manner, upon such terms, and at such times as Lender, in its discretion, deems advisable, without, in any way or respect, impairing, affecting, reducing or releasing Guarantor from its undertakings hereunder and Guarantor hereby consents to each and all of the foregoing acts, events and/or occurrences.

7. Guarantor hereby waives any right to assert against Lender as a defense, counterclaim, set-off on crossclaim, any defense (legal or equitable), set-off, counterclaim, and/or claim which Guarantor may now or at any time hereafter have against Borrower and/or any other party liable to Lender in any way or manner.

8. Guarantor hereby waives all defenses, counterclaims and/off-sets of any kind or nature, arising directly or indirectly from the present or future lack of perfection, sufficiency, validity and/or enforceability of the Agreement, or any security interest. 9. Guarantor hereby waives any defense arising by reason of any claim or defense based upon an election of remedies by Lender, which, in any manner impairs, affects, reduces, releases, destroys and/or extinguishes Guarantor' s subrogation rights, rights to proceed against Borrower for reimbursement, and/or any rights of Guarantor to proceed against Borrower or against any other person or security, including, but not limited to, any defense based upon an election of remedies by Lender under the provisions of Section 580d of the California Code of Civil Procedure, and/or any similar law of California or of any other State or of the United States. Guarantor waives all presentments, demands for performance, notices of non-performance, protests, notices of protest, notices of dishonor, notices of default, notices of acceptance of this Guaranty, and notices of the existence, creation, or incurring of new or additional indebtedness, and all other notices or formalities to which Guarantor may be entitled. Guarantor waives any right to a jury trial in any action
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