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Advisory Agreement

This is an actual contract by Vinland Property Trust.

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Agreement Preview
Sectors: Real Estate
Governing Law: New York, View New York State Laws
Effective Date: April 01, 1995
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THIS AGREEMENT dated April 1, 1995, between Vinland Property Trust, a California real estate investment trust (the "Trust"), and Tarragon Realty Advisors, Inc., a New York corporation (the "Advisor").

W I T N E S S E T H:


1. The Trust owns a complex, diversified portfolio of real
estate, mortgages and other assets, including affordable and
middle income housing complexes, shopping centers, warehouses,
office buildings and mortgages.

2. The Trust has funds available for new investment, primarily in
the acquisition of income-producing real estate.

3. The Advisor and its employees have extensive experience in the
administration of real estate assets and the origination,
structuring and evaluation of real estate and mortgage

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and of the mutual covenants herein contained, the parties agree as follows:

1. DUTIES OF THE ADVISOR. Subject to the supervision of the Board of Trustees, the Advisor will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Trust and, subject to Section 17 hereof, shall provide such services and activities relating to the assets, operations and business plan of the Trust as may be appropriate, including:

(a) preparing and submitting an annual budget and business plan
for approval by the Board of the Trust (the "Business Plan");

(b) using its best efforts to present to the Trust a continuing
and suitable investment program consistent with the investment
policies and objectives of the Trust as set forth in the
Business Plan;

(c) using its best efforts to present to the Trust investment
opportunities consistent with the Business Plan and such
investment program as the Trustees may adopt from time to

(d) furnishing or obtaining and supervising the performance of the
ministerial functions in connection with the administration of
the day-to-day operations of the Trust including the
investment of reserve funds and surplus cash in short-term
money market investments;

(e) serving as the Trust's investment and financial advisor and
providing research, economic, and statistical data in
connection with the Trust's investments and investment and
financial policies;

I-1 2
(f) on behalf of the Trust, investigating, selecting and
conducting relations with borrowers, lenders, mortgagors,
brokers, investors, builders, developers and others;

(g) consulting with the Trustees and furnishing the Trustees with
advice and recommendations with respect to the making,
acquiring (by purchase, investment, exchange, or otherwise),
holding, and disposition (through sale, exchange, or
otherwise) of investments consistent with the Business Plan of
the Trust;

(h) obtaining for the Trustees such services as may be required in
acquiring and disposing of investments, disbursing and
collecting funds of the Trust, paying the debts and fulfilling
the obligations of the Trust, and handling, prosecuting, and
settling any claims of the Trust, including foreclosing and
otherwise enforcing mortgage and other liens securing

(i) obtaining for and at the expense of the Trust such services as
may be required for property management, loan disbursements,
and other activities relating to the investments of the Trust,
provided, however, the compensation for such services shall be
agreed to by the Trust and the service provider;

(j) advising the Trust in connection with public or private sales
of shares or other securities of the Trust, or loans to the
Trust, but in no event in such a way that the Advisor could be
deemed to be acting as a broker-dealer or underwriter;

(k) quarterly, and at any time requested by the Trustees, making
reports to the Trustees regarding the Trust's performance to
date in relation to the Trust's approved Business Plan and its
various components, as well as the Advisor's performance of
the foregoing services;

(l) making or providing appraisal reports, where appropriate, on
investments or contemplated investments of the Trust;

(m) assisting in preparation of reports and other documents
necessary to satisfy the reporting and other requirements of
any governmental bodies or agencies and to maintain effective
communications with shareholders of the Trust; and

(n) doing all things necessary to ensure its ability to render the
services contemplated herein, including providing office space
and office furnishings and personnel necessary for the
performance of the foregoing services as Advisor, all at its
own expense, except as otherwise expressly provided for

2. NO PARTNERSHIP OR JOINT VENTURE. The Trust and the Advisor are not partners or joint venturers with each other, and nothing herein shall be construed so as to make them such partners or joint venturers or impose any liability as such on either of them.

3. RECORDS. At all times, the Advisor shall keep proper books of account and records of the Trust's affairs which shall be accessible for inspection by the Trust at any time during ordinary business hours.

4. ADDITIONAL OBLIGATIONS OF THE ADVISOR. The Advisor shall refrain from any action (including, without limitation, furnishing or rendering services to tenants of property or managing or operating real property) that would (a) adversely affect the status of the Trust as a real estate investment trust, as defined and limited in Sections 856-860 of the Internal Revenue Code, (b) violate any law, rule, regulation, or statement of policy of any governmental body or agency having jurisdiction over the Trust or over its securities, (c) cause the Trust to be required to register as an investment company under the Investment Company Act of 1940, or (d) otherwise not be permitted by the Declaration of Trust of the Trust.

I-2 3
5. BANK ACCOUNTS. The Advisor may establish and maintain one or more bank accounts in its own name, and may collect and deposit into any such account or accounts, and disburse from any such account or accounts, any money on behalf of the Trust, under such terms and conditions as the Trustees may approve, provided that no funds in any such account shall be commingled with funds of the Advisor; and the Advisor shall from time to time render appropriate accounting of such collections and payments to the Trustees and to the auditors of the Trust.

6. BOND. The Advisor shall maintain a fidelity bond with a responsible surety company in such amount as may be required by the Trustees from time to time, covering all directors, officers, employees, and agents of the Advisor handling funds of the Trust and any investment documents or records pertaining to investments of the Trust. Such bond shall inure to the benefit of the Trust in respect to losses of any such property from acts of such directors, officers, employees and agents through theft, embezzlement, fraud, error, or omission or otherwise, the premium for said bond to be at the expense of the Trust.

7. INFORMATION FURNISHED ADVISOR. The Trustees shall have the right to change the Business Plan at any time, effective upon receipt by the Advisor of notice of such change. The Trust shall furnish the Advisor with a certified copy of all financial statements, a signed copy of each report prepared by independent certified public accountants, and such other information with regard to the Trust's affairs as the Advisor may from time to time reasonably request.

8. CONSULTATION AND ADVICE. In addition to the services described above, the Advisor shall consult with the Trustees, and shall, at the request of the Trustees or the officers of the Trust, furnish advice and recommendations with respect to any aspect of the business and affairs of the Trust, including any factors that in the Advisor's best judgment should influence the policies of the Trust.

9. ANNUAL BUSINESS PLAN AND BUDGET. No later than January 15th of each year, the Advisor shall submit to the Trustees a written Business Plan for the current Fiscal Year of the Trust. Such Business Plan shall include a twelve-month forecast of operations and cash flow with explicit assumptions and a general plan for asset sales or acquisitions, lending, foreclosure and borrowing activity, other investments or ventures and proposed securities offerings or repurchases or any proposed restructuring of the Trust. To the extent possible, the Business Plan shall set forth the Advisor's recommendations and the basis therefore with respect to all material investments of the Trust. Upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the Advisor shall be authorized to conduct the business of the Trust in accordance with the explicit provisions of the Business Plan, specifically including the borrowing, leasing, maintenance, capital improvements, renovations and sale of investments set forth in the Business Plan. Any transaction or investment not explicitly provided for in the approved Business Plan shall require the prior approval of the Board of Trustees unless made pursuant to authority expressly delegated to the Advisor. Within sixty (60) days of the end of each calendar quarter, the Advisor shall provide the Board of Trustees with a report comparing the Trust's actual performance for such quarter against the Business Plan.

10. DEFINITIONS. As used herein, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

(a) "Adjusted Funds From Operations" shall mean, for any period of
time, funds from operations (as defined by the National
Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts) for such period
of time plus (i) any loss due to the write-down or sale of
any real property or mortgage loan acquired prior to January
1, 1989 and (ii) the amount of advisory fees payable to the
Advisor under Article 11 hereof but only to the extent such
fees are considered as current expenses in determining profit
or loss.

(b) "Affiliate" shall mean, as to any Person, any other Person who
owns beneficially, directly, or indirectly, 1% or more of the
outstanding capital stock, shares or equity interests of such
Person or of any other Person which controls, is controlled
by, or is under common control with such

I-3 4
Person or is an officer, retired officer, director, employee,
partner, or trustee (excluding non-interested trustees not
otherwise affiliated with the entity) of such Person or of any
other Person which controls, is controlled by, or is under
common control with, such Person.

(c) "Appraised Value" shall mean the value of a Real Property
according to an appraisal made by an independent qualified
appraiser who is a member in good standing of the American
Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and is duly licensed to
perform such services in accordance with the applicable state
law, or, when pertaining to Mortgage Loans, the value of the
underlying property as determined by the Advisor.

(d) "Book Value" of an asset or assets shall mean the value of
such asset or assets on the books of the Trust, before
provision for amortization, depreciation, depletion or
valuation reserves and before deducting any indebtedness or
other liability in respect thereof, except that no asset shall
be valued at more than its fair market value as determined by
the Trustees.

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