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Form Of Salary Continuance

This is an actual contract by Xerox.

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EXHIBIT 10 (t)



The following information summarizes the arrangements for your retirement from Xerox Corporation (the Company).

Last day of active employment: To be determined by the Chief Executive Officer Salary Continuance: 12 [24] months Salary Continuance Amount: $xxxxxxx per month or, if greater, monthly
salary rate on last day of employment Retirement Date: Day following end of Salary Continuance

Notwithstanding anything else contained in this letter if you engage in Detrimental Activity as defined in the attached Exhibit the consequences set forth therein shall apply.

Summarized below are the relevant provisions that apply to your long-term incentive awards, profit sharing and savings accounts, pension benefits, life insurance benefits and other benefits arrangements. In case of inconsistencies between this summary and the relevant plan, the terms of the plan will govern.


Stock grants (including stock options) awarded to you prior to the commencement of salary continuance shall continue to vest and/or remain exercisable per the terms of the awards and the relevant plans. You will not be eligible for additional stock awards during salary continuation.


As you know, under relevant plan provisions, you have choices available regarding the continued investment of your account balances and the time and form of distribution. Please refer to You and Xerox: Wealthwise for a description. A calculation of your account balances will be completed at the end of your salary continuance period at which time you will have the opportunity to elect how and when the proceeds will be distributed.


At separation, your ESOP account can be taken as cash, in stock, or rolled over to the Xerox 401(k) savings plan. A determination of your final plan benefit will be made at the end of salary continuance period.


Effective on your retirement date, you will become a retiree of Xerox. As a retiree, you will receive pension benefits accrued in the Retirement Income Guarantee Plan (RIGP). In addition to your vested RIGP benefit, depending on your age on your retirement date, you may be eligible to receive a benefit under the Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP), which as you know, will allow you to begin to receive retirement income benefits unreduced for commencement prior to attainment of age 65 and will be offset by your RIGP benefits. If you are eligible, this benefit will commence on your retirement date, and will be paid in monthly installments reflecting your survivor election. This benefit is unfunded and is not tax qualified. This means you are an unsecured general creditor of the Company with respect to this benefit. A determination of your benefit will be made at retirement. We can prepare an estimate prior to that time if you so desire.


As a retiree, you will receive medical coverage under Xerox Retiree Flex as it is in effect from time to time. This program will include, among other things, coordination of benefits if you are covered by more than one plan including Medicare. As you get closer to your retirement date, an information package will be sent to you from our medical insurance partner.


You will be eligible to receive a cash bonus and/or other cash award earned for any year in which you are actively employed. If earned, any such cash awards will be prorated based on the number of months of active employment during the year.


Your Contributory Life Insurance coverage of $xxxxxxx will continue during your salary continuance period. During this period, both you and the Company will continue to share in the cost of premiums according to the original plan agreement. In the event of your death during salary continuance, salary would cease and your beneficiaries will, subject to applicable plan provisions, receive the proceeds of your life insurance coverage. Upon termination, the Company will recover its cumulative premiums paid into the Contributory Life Insurance Plan, plus an amount for administrative expenses as stated in the Plan Agreement. At that time you will become sole owner of the policy along with any remaining cash value, with the option to continue the coverage at your own expense.


You will relinquish your position as a Director and Officer of Xerox Corporation and as a director and officer of any subsidiary company when your active employment ends.

You will be paid for any accrued and unused vacation upon commencement of salary continuance. You will not accrue any further vacation during salary continuance.

Your company financial counseling and tax preparation programs will be continued through the end of the year in which your active employment ends.

You will not be entitled to any future Executive Expense Allowance payments while on salary continuance.

You will not be eligible to receive long-term incentive awards while on salary continuation. You will be eligible for your physical under the Executive Physical program for any year during which you are actively employed.


You will be entitled to be indemnified with respect to all periods of your service as a director or officer of the Company or any of its subsidiaries in accordance with 1) the provisions of Sections 721 through 725 of the Business Corporation Law of the State of New York and provisions of California Labor Code Section 2802 2) Section 2 of Article VIII of the by-laws of the Company as in effect on the date of commencement of salary continu
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