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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Collateral and Pledge Agreements/All Collateral Agreements by Industry (2)
Collateral and Pledge Agreements/All Pledge Agreements by Industry (2)
Cooperation Agreements/All Cooperation Agreements by Industry (1)
Corporate Formation Documents/Formation Agreements (1)
Derivative Agreements/ISDA Master Agreements (Multicurrency - Cross Border) (1)
Development Agreements/Joint Development Agreements (2)
Employment Agreements/Secondment Agreements (1)
Employment Miscellany/Change of Control Agreements (1)
Employment Miscellany/Retirement Agreements (1)
Employment Severance Agreements/All Severance Agreements by Industry (1)
Employment Stock and Option Plans/Employee Stock Option Plans (3)
Employment Stock and Option Plans/Employee Stock Purchase Plans (1)
Employment Stock and Option Plans/Restricted Stock Agreements (1)
Financing (Debt Related)/All Credit Agreements by Industry (37)
Financing (Debt Related)/All Loan Agreements by Industry (2)
Financing (Debt Related)/Commitment Letters (1)
Financing (Debt Related)/Indentures (1)
Financing (Debt Related)/Receivables Financing (1)
Financing (Debt Related)/Receivables Purchases (1)
Financing (Equity Related)/Option Agreements (1)
Government Contracts/Government Grant Awards (1)
Indemnification Agreements/All Indemnification Agreements by Industry (2)
Joint Ventures/Japan Joint Ventures (1)
Leasing and Rental Agreements/Rental Agreements (1)
Limited Liability Company (LLC) Agreements/LLC Membership Contribution Agreements (1)
Manufacturing Agreements/Foundry Agreements (2)
Manufacturing Agreements/Manufacturing Services Agreements (1)
Marketing Agreements/Alliance and Partner Agreements (1)
Marketing Agreements/Collaboration Agreements (1)
Merger and Acquisition Agreements/Asset Purchase Agreements (1)
Merger and Acquisition Agreements/Assumption Agreements (1)
Merger and Acquisition Agreements/Stock Purchase Agreements (2)
Partnership Agreements/All Participation Agreements (1)
Partnership Agreements/Limited Partnership Agreements (1)
Payment Agreements/All Payment Agreements (1)
Real Estate Financing/Assignment of Leases and Rents (1)
Services Agreements/Engineering Services Agreements (1)
Settlement Agreements/All Settlement Agreements by Industry (1)
Settlement Agreements/Release and Separation Agreements (2)
Other (55)
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